Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mothers Who Brunch {An Event by Momma 'N Manila + Sinfully Sabrina + Viking Range}

As a mom who loves to spend time cooking in the kitchen, I always try to seek out inspiration so that I can constantly improve myself. I read through cookbooks like I do novels; I browse Pinterest and cooking blogs for new recipes to try; I follow “foodies” in Instagram; but the most fun thing to do would be to spend time with fellow moms who love to cook in the kitchen.

So when Mish of Momma ‘N Manila told me a few weeks ago that she was thinking of organizing a small group to meet up and have fun cooking together in the kitchen, I knew it was something I would really enjoy doing; and so I blocked off that date in my calendar right away… even if the event was in the other end of Manila. Hanging out in the kitchen with Mish is one of the things I’ve always wanted to do. I always tell her, if we just both live close to each other, I’d always be in her beautiful and spacious kitchen!

Here's Mish doing what she does to relieve her of stress - cooking with several pots, pans, tagines and a griddle on the burner.

I always love visiting her blog for the inspiring mommy stories that I can relate to so well, and of course because she also shares a lot of her well-loved recipes and baon inspirations for the kids, as well.

Momma' N Manila & Sinfully Sabrina

When Mish got together with Sabs of Sinfully Sabrina to collaborate the #MothersWhoBrunch gathering, it was truly one beautiful event. They are two inspiring women to me… moms who are passionate about their family as they are about their craft. They are both ladies I truly admire and among the few I follow online. Check out their blogs and IG feed and you will know what I mean.

Sorry this is a photo-heavy post, but I promise you all the photos are beautiful captures of the event... great drinks, yummy recipes, and design details that will make you swoon.

Mish Aventajado of Momma 'N Manila and Sabs Go of Sinfully Sabrina

They are both so creative and talented in the kitchen, and they really both love to entertain at home. As a result, their collaboration is truly amazing.

Mothers Who Brunch

The event was held at the beautiful Viking Kitchen in Alabang.  The entire showroom was transformed into a tropical paradise by the people behind the Bouqeria Lifestyle Market. 

Look! Coordinated everything!

Don’t you agree? Being with like-minded ladies is in the kitchen is such a gathering, di ba? It’s a wonderful mix of cooking, chikkahan and laughter…. Then it becomes a party in the kitchen!

And because I really enjoy cooking in the kitchen, being able to use the Viking Kitchen for a day was really a treat for me. The appliances are so high-tech ........

Even if most of the guests started out as strangers to me, I left the event with a lot of new-found friends… all just because of our common love for cooking, eating and styling food photos.

Everyone had a lot of fun gathering around the kitchen and using the Viking Kitchen appliances.

Here are photos of what we had that day.

Pinoy Breakfast Salad

Watermelon Salad

Tomato Chorizo Stew

Kang Kong and Kesong Puti Quiche

Cottage Cheese Mango Pancakes.

Apple Pie with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Of course, we all take photos of the food before we dig in.

Look! Mish and Sabs were thoughtful enough to compile all the recipes for what was served during the brunch into a mini-cookbook, together with the brunch recipes each of us shared. I shared my Smoked Salmon and Boursin Crostini recipe.

Click on this link to view the brunch recipes

Our entire group of Mothers Who Brunch

Our thoughtful gift baskets

Viking Range Philippines

The Viking story began when founder Fred Carl, a fourth-generation building contractor, couldn't find a range that measured up to the standards he desired for his new home. After brainstorming, Carl developed the idea of a commercial-size range for residential kitchens. Carl took his hybrid to a local manufacturer, and in 1987 the first Viking range was sold. Now, Viking ranges can be found in upscale kitchens around the world. The Viking brand continues to expand and improve upon more product categories. Viking kitchens have grown to include built-in cooking, ventilation, refrigeration, cleanup, and outdoor products. These superior products offer excellent performance and craftsmanship, which the definition of the Viking brand. {via}

Mish is also the Philippine brand ambassador for the high-end kitchen brand, Viking Range.  And so while we were there for brunch, she gladly also took us around the showroom to show us all the excellent features of the appliances in the Viking Kitchen.

Considering the price range of the appliances in the Viking Kitchen, buying one is really called an investment. I can just imagine how it would give me so much joy to have a 6-burner range in my own kitchen!  Mish was explaining to me how each burner has 15k btu's making it such a powerful kitchen equipment. For me the best part of a high btu range is the way it allows to sear food really fast and evenly. Think lovely grill marks on your steak!

I also love the stainless steel backsplash and warming shelf.  I don't have a warming shelf in my kitchen, so when I need food to stay warm, I keep it in my oven with the lights on. But the Viking Range thought of everything when they designed their ranges. You see, when those burners are going all at the same time, like what Mish is doing below, the shelf is designed to capture all that heat to keep dishes and food warm up there while you are still busy cooking the rest of the meal.

***All photos without watermark are the property of Momma 'N Manila and Sinfully Sabrina

Thanks again Mish, Sabs and Viking Range for having me! I enjoyed every minute of it!

To know more about Viking Range Philippines:

To know more about Momma 'N Manila:

To know more about Sinfully Sabrina:



  1. Your photos are awesome and the food pics just to die for!!! I pray to God I will someday learn to cook and prepare food like you. I've been following your Ig too. Great baon ideas! ;)

  2. Yummy foods, good presentation, high tech kitchen - I like it! :) . I am interested to know the Kang Kong and Kesong Puti Quiche recipe.

  3. What a nice gathering! :) The dishes are so unique and look so appetizing. Thanks for sharing the recipes. Home cooks like us will surely find it helpful. :)

  4. Ohh! Your post made me hungry!!(: Lovely event! I wish I'll learn how to cook already for my family/kids.

  5. I hope that you share the Tomato Chorizo Stew recipe for us other moms... :) And I feel that the Viking Kitchen appliances can make you from noob to pro when it comes to cooking... Maybe when I open up my dream restaurant I can go and have a look at these investment high tech appliances from The Viking Kitchen :)

  6. You were with Joey !!! OMG she was one of my foodie blogger idols na nastar struck ako when I met her some 8-9 years ago!! She's really nice and friendly pa!! :) I love love love her!! :)

  7. how fun! i miss mish, i wish i get invited to more "mom events", puro fashion and beauty ako. haha! i like home stuff too. :)

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  9. This is awesome! I'd love to have a spacious kitchen like that in the future :) and the food look so yummy!

  10. The recipes featured herelooks delish! And I love those Vikings kitchen appliances!

  11. Thank you so much for joining our small event to celebrate motherhood and FOOD!! I really do enjoy getting in the kitchen with you Tina! If only we lived closer, I know we would be in each other's kitchen almost every day!

  12. So much fun!! And so nice to have met you! :)