Wednesday, April 10, 2019

How I Renewed My Driver's License In 30 Minutes

With 3 kids in different schools and all with very active schedules, I share driving duties with the driver. Yes, I am a busy #tsupermama! I did not realize that I have been using an expired license until C called me out for it. #mommybrain

I asked around for the most efficient LTO office to have my license renewed and most people recommended the LTO satellite office at SM North EDSA Annex building. My sister had hers renewed here and she said it took her only about an hour during lunch time.

The LTO office is  located at  the SM Annex Lower Ground Floor, near the Bowling Center. There's a sign at the entrance which says Government Service Express.
The LTO office in SM North Edsa opens at 9:00 am. I got there around the same time, and as you can see, medyo madilim pa because the mall lights have not been turned on yet.

The LTO is making some changes when it comes to applying or renewing for driver's licenses this 2019. All LTO licensing offices in Metro Manila now only accept medical certificates sent electronically through the LTO's new IT system.

I found out about this when I renewed my license just a few days ago. I was unsure how this new online medical test would go, and scared at the thought of having to spend the entire morning queueing for my DL (driver's license) renewal.

It's a good thing that there's an accredited medical clinic right beside it.

The medical test is shorter now. They just asked me to read 5 letters from a chart on their wall, asked me to step on a weighing scale, asked for my height (they did not measure, just took my word for it). No urine test. They did not take my blood pressure also. #ripoff
The medical certificates must come from accredited clinics and doctors and must have the fingerprints of the doctors who conducted the physical examination. I wonder what's the reason for this new rule. They say it's to prevent the problem of pre-signed medical certificates that are issued by scrupulous clinics where applicants are made to pay for medical certificates when no doctors examined them. Some cases have also involve examination by clinics and doctors who have no accreditation. 

The LTO booth is directly at the end of the hallway.

They took my photo, thumb prints and signature. They typed in my card details right in front of me, asking me to look at the monitor to double check for any typos. After 5 minutes, my card was printed out already.

Since I got there around 9, the place wasn't crowded and I was done in 30 minutes.

Here's a photo of the application requirements and the schedule of fees and penalties. It does not mention here, but SM charges an additional P50 for processing fee. I also had to pay another P50 for the parking fee.
While the rate fro non-pro renewal has increased significantly, at least the card is good for 5 years!

Renewing my DL at SM North EDSA is quick, convenient (air-conditioned waiting area) and hassle free, and I recommend it for people living in the north like me.


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