Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reason & Cognition.: Why this blog came to be.

Late to the technology party as I am, I am having such a wonderful time discovering the wonderful world of blogging. I started this blog primarily to record the goings-on in my family’s life. Hopefully, when my kids read this in the future, they will relive all the happy memories, laugh at all the silly anecdotes, and feel a tug in their hearts at each tender-hearted moment.
Our Phenomenal Life is all about the life experiences of my family, about life as we live it – from a mommy’s point of view. While being a stay at home mom is not easy, and I definitely have my “monster mommy” moments. I ultimately still think I am lucky, that all I worry and stress about is to make sure the kids are well-behaved, plan our dinner and merienda menus, come up with the family’s weekend/summer/vacation activities. I am fortunate that C encourages me to be there full-time for the kids. C and I both completely devote ourselves to our family and try to be God’s best for the kids, but more so for each other.

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