Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Palanca Letter + Bouquet for B

Our middle child just finished with her Days with The Lord (DWTL) weekend.
Days with the Lord is a 3-day retreat all juniors in my girls' school have to attend.

On her 3rd and last day, we picked her up and headed straight to her fave Japanese resto, TOMO.

We ate her fave food while she told us of her experience, which I won't be sharing here so as to not spoil it for others who might not have gone through with it yet.

My oldest daughter had hers last 2016, and I wrote about it and shared the palanca letters we prepared for her in this post.

But come 2020, the teacher mentioned during the parent seminar for DWTL that some parents brought in bouquets. I am clueless about protocols like this. So much so that during J's grade school graduation, I did not prepare anything for her! Meeep! And she told me many years after that she felt so out of place because lots of her classmates were holding a bouquet daw. From then on, I made sure to have a bouquet on hand during special occasions in school.

But because I have been an advocate for living a low-waste life, a bouquet of flowers seem so wasteful and unnecessary kase itatapon lang after. I decided to just DIY a food bouquet filled with her fave snacks.

She seemed happy with it naman.:)
I didn't notice until co-parents pointed out that it seemed we color-coordinated our outfits that day.

B always gives me such creatively done letter for my birthday, and so i wanted to do the same for her Palanca. I spent half a day doing the layout and the cutting and the assembly for this. But it's worth it naman.

I wrote more about Palanca letters here.


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