Thursday, March 12, 2020

The New Gloria Maris Greenhills

Gloria Maris has been a fixture in the Greenhills area for as long as I can remember. I have celebrated with family, relatives and friends so many events and happy occasions here - birthdays, baptisms, weddings, ting huns, even just ordinary Saturday dimsums with the kids. 

This is one of the fave dining spots of the Greenhills Chinese community.

For my own mommy group, one of the fave brunch/lunch meet-up places is Gloria Maris because of its proximity to our kids' school and if we can't decide where to eat, this is usually our default choice because we also really can't get enough of its' food.

But then there was a time in the past few years that the quality of the food deteriorated. I think it was the same time when they transferred to the new building and the head chef left for Choi Garden. I'm sure you noticed it, too. Around this time, most of the family elders who took charge of deciding where to eat, shifted their culinary allegiance to Choi Garden. 

When I heard the recent development that Frank Lao (owner of Choi Garden) took over Gloria Maris, I couldn't wait to revisit if only to check if the kitchen would benefit from that takeover. 

Such great timing that Janica, daughter of Frank Lao, invited us over to sample what #TheNewGloriaMaris offers. It was the perfect time to meet up with my friends and meet new ones. We celebrated the birthday salubong na din of Nat of The Hungry Chef.

I will let the food photos do all the talking.
 Two Tone Seafood Almond Soup

Peking Duck First Way

 Salt and Pepper Shrimps in Garlic

Lechon Macau
This is really a fave. The pork belly is flavorful with minimum amount of fatty layers

Dimsum Sampler (siomai, Hakaw, Egg Tart)

At this point everyone was so full already, but the food just kept on coming

Mini Taro Basket with Prawns and Scallop 
This is not new on the menu and I've had it several times before. I still love it!

Since I was seated with famous food bloggers who takes their food shots seriously, the food has to go around the table twice. First round for taking photos, second one for getting food. 

 Lamb Chops with Mint Jelly
This is a new item on the Gloria Maris menu. It got the most raves from our table.  

 Australian Wagyu Beef in Black Pepper Sauce. 
This is another new entry to the revised menu of Gloria Maris.

 Steamed Live Oyster with Garlic

Birthday Misua

Steamed Apahap with Tongchay

Frank's Fried Rice 

 Peking Duck Second Way

This is our full menu. No wonder we were so full. By the time the misua came out, we were hardly touching the food anymore. It's a good thing the waiters noticed and started giving out take out containers so anyone who wanted to bring home the excess food can do so.

 Special Buchi

Almond Shake with Mango Cubes

It was a meal I won't forget anytime soon! I'll be sure to be back and bring my family with me so they can also try for themselves the improved flavors of #TheNewGloriaMaris.


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