Monday, June 8, 2015

QQ Alkaline Water Bottle + A Giveaway

I really think when you get to be my age, one is really made to be more aware of health issues. Consequently, a shift to a healthier lifestyle is really the order of the day. That is also what led me to be more conscious about what food I feed my family, which led me to be an advocate for Cleaner Eating.

A year ago, I was diagnosed with acid reflux. I changed my diet and avoided most of the food which aggravated my symptoms.  Included more fresh fruits and vegetables. Altered my lifestyle, including my sleeping habits, stopped wearing clothing that is too tight, and a whole lot more. I also took medicines to control the acid production. 

When I was given a 500ml bottle of QQ Alkaline Water Bottle a few months ago, I was happy to give it a try. After all, I have heard of friends who claim that alkaline water reduced the frequency and alleviate their GERD symptoms.

The QQ Magic Water Bottle is a multi-functional reusable water bottle that filters tap water while adding necessary minerals and alkalizing the water through an innovative 6 ceramic ball bearings stages filtration system.

The small bottle was handy so I took it everywhere with me to drink. I drink a sip of alkaline water about 30 minutes to one hour after each meal, and also another sip 1 hour before going to bed at night. I did not really replace all of my drinking water with alkaline water, just a small quantity to neutralize the acid and pepsin that might have refluxed from each meal.

I noticed an immediate relief the very first night I took it. I did not wake up with an acid-induced sore throat. After almost one month of my alkaline water regimen, my symptoms have eased up. I have also stopped taking Nexium, which I did upon the advice of my gastro doctor.

Of course, drinking alkaline water is not the only reason that I was able to wean off my meds, I had to change my diet and lifestyle, too. There are a lot of natural remedies for acid reflux symptoms, but is still best to go to the doctor before taking/stopping any medication.  I am aware that there are a lot of debate about the health benefits of alkaline water. But we all just have to do what works for us. In the end, we have to get to know our bodies and be well-informed about our own treatment and about making the necessary lifestyle changes.

5 things I like about the QQ Alkaline Water Bottle

1. Converts regular tap water into slightly alkalized and ionized water. Slightly raises the pH level of water (typically 8 to 9PH)
2. filtration system is composed of 6 minerals; Tourmaline, Zeolite and the other minerals are scientifically combined to create water that is optimal for the body.
3. Filters chlorine and other contaminants found in tap water.
4. The filter is inexpensive, and only requires an annual change.
5. Easy to clean and use, and it is also BPA free.

QQ Alkaline Water Bottle claims that if you replace all your daily drinking water with this one, it can also act as a slimming agent. The pamphlet reads, "Furthermore, it contains ceramic ball bearings encapsulated with "Sophoricoside ," an internationally patented substance and approved by the U.S. FDA, Japan FDA, and KEWWI for its fat-burning properties, and ability to create an ideal weight reducing water solution."


And because I want to share good health with you, 1 lucky winner will get to try the health benefits of the QQ Alkaline Water Bottle.

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