Thursday, February 13, 2020

Why I Still Make My Teens’ Lunches?

I still prepare lunch and snacks for my teens. I know they can very well do it on their own, but I enjoy doing it for them. Acts of service is my love language and this is the best way I show my love.

With 3 teens (1 turning into a young adult this year), I am very much aware that I will soon be an empty nester. So while I still can, I want to do this for them. 

Even my college girl still prefers home-cooked baon. She tried buying lunch from the school canteen for 3 months when her siblings were on their summer break, and she wanted to cry as she found herself putting on pounds. But other than that, she also still appreciates my effort in still preparing food for her.

On my part,  I get great satisfaction and joy from doing things for them that's not out of necessity but as an extra. I mean, I know how busy their lives are - from studies, to extra-curricular, to sports. If I can show them that I support them by preparing food to nourish them and satiate their hunger, why not, di ba?

I chronicle the lunch baon that I prepare for them on Instagram and Facebook. If you search for This Momma Loves, this is what you'll see:

But I'll be honest and tell you that there are days I get on a baon rut, and its usually on Mondays. When that happens, I cannot thank my constant freezer staples enough.

One of my go-to ulam options is SeaKing boneless unseasoned bangus belly. I just marinate overnight in vinegar, salt, freshly cracked peppercorns and bay leaf. The next day, I dry and dust with cornstarch before frying. That's it!

I am making the most out of this while I still can. In a few years time, they will all be grown and living on their own, and even if I want to cook for them, I can't. Or baka pwede din... I'll just send it over to them, ano?

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