Thursday, September 15, 2016

Protecting My Family with Fern-C

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with some of my mommy friends. It was a catch-up/chika session because we all wanted to be updated about the latest issues concerning our 16-year old daughters.

The talk naturally gravitated to the state of our health, with one friend doing a quick survey on what supplements we all take.

I am not getting any younger, and with my hectic lifestyle, I definitely need supplements to keep me healthy as I juggle multiple roles all at once. I make sure that I prepare nutritious meals for my family every meal times. I try to update the blog with relevant content at least once a week. I'm a #tsupermama so I bring the kids to wherever they have to be. I am a wife that needs to spend one-on-one quality time with my husband. And then, I also need to invest and spend time with myself, of course.

Sadly, the state of our health + supplements and medicines have slowly started taking over our convo topics, more and more often as each year passes.

Just recently, my son got sick with cough, colds and fever. I found out that 6 of his classmates also got sick at around the same time he did.

Cough and colds are such a hassle, di ba? My son was up all night, his nose was so clogged that he couldn't breathe properly. I cold hear him cough out his phlegm. His head hurts. His eyes were teary. His throat felt like burning. His temperature hovered on 39 degrees. Nakaka-stress!

 I have a digital thermometer, saline nasal spray and a chest decongestant rub by my bedside. 
Even if I don't have babies anymore, whenever anyone of my kids runs a temperature that breaches 39 degrees, I let them sleep with me because I like to check on them in the middle of the night. 
So pati ako, puyat din.

We are now in the "ber" months, and I can also feel the temperature going down a bit. Since my kids are competitive swimmers, I'm also concerned about the weather. Shempre mas malamig na din yung tubig sa pool. During weekends, my son starts training at 6 am, and the pool water is very cold around this time. I almost always expect colds and flu around this time of the year.

This time of year, when coughs and colds are making their rounds, my family and I take Vitamin C to protect us from sickness.

In my experience, Vitamin C prevents or shortens the duration of a cold, if we take it at the onset of symptoms.

Colds are miserable and affect my son's training and school schedule. 
He doesn't want to miss school because arranging for make-up tests are a hassle, and missed training mean he won't be able to meet his target time.

No one likes to get sick. This is the reason why I try my very best to keep everyone in my family healthy. Everything starts with eating healthy, of course. Then, I make sure that everyone keeps clean by washing their hands often. And as a final precaution, everyone gets a daily dose of Vitamin C.

Which is the better Vitamin C?

I'm picky when it comes to our supplements.

I did my research and this is what I found out:

"Sodium ascorbate is actually the better Vitamin C form as it is easier absorbed by the body, thereby allowing us to reap the benefits of Vitamin C quicker. Compared to ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate stays longer within the body (about 12 to 14 hours) which can be beneficial for its antioxidant value. More to this, because of ascorbic acid’s acidic nature, more of it is flushed down from the body. Only 25 percent of ascorbic acid is consumed by the blood stream unlike sodium ascorbate which can be absorbed for about 95 percent."

I take Fern-C to lessen the symptoms of colds or to shorten its duration,
 if not to actually prevent it.

I have been taking Fern-C sodium ascorbate for years, especially since I suffer from acid reflux. Sodium Ascorbate, also known as the "non-acidic vtiamin C," does not cause stomach upsets unlike Ascorbic acid. Sodium ascorbate is alkaline in content that counter-balances the acidity of Ascorbic Acid.

FERN-C is the number 1 Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C in the Philippines.

Fern-C and Fern-C kidz

FERN-C is made from world class quality vitamin C from DSM Switzerland. DSM is the world's largest manufacturer of pure vitamin C form next only to nature. It also carries the Quali-C seal to ensure that I'm getting safe and effective vitamin C.
It's a coincidence that as I was writing this post, I chanced upon the Fern-C Facebook page, and saw Danica Sotto-Pingris in their ad. As a mom of two and a wife to an athlete, Danica feels the same way I do when it comes to choosing the right supplement.

Like me, she also wants only what’s effective for her family's health. For Danica and family, they all trust Fern-C and Fern-C kidz.

FERN-C kidz

It's important to me that my kids like to take their vitamins, because I do not want to have to force them to do so on a daily basis. When Danica shared that FERN-C kidz is something that her kids love and take without complaints, I gave it a try as well.

Why I trust Fern-C kidz for my kids:

1. FERN-C kidz is a known Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C supplement for kids since it comes from the makers of FERN-C, the number 1 Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C in the Philippines. 

2. FERN-C kidz is formulated with Zinc to further strengthen kids' bodies against illness. The combination of Vitamins C and Zinc is ideal for keeping my kids safe and protected from diseases.

3. The yummy orange flavor makes it easier for kids to take and enjoy daily. 

Our daily dose of Fern-C and Fern-C kidz assures me that my family's immune system is up and working everyday. 

FERN-C kidz is now available in leading drugstores, supermarkets, convenience stores and Fern kiosks nationwide. Click HERE to find a store nearest you.

To know more about Fern-C kidz


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