Tuesday, March 7, 2017

{What's In My Cart} Where To Get Thai Pantry Essentials in Manila

Months after attending the Thai Cooking Classes with Chef In Stilettos, I have made the Green Curry so many times - it is that good!

I'll share a Green Chicken Curry recipe at the end of this post.  

But first let me kwento muna, ok, about how happy I am that I am now able to cook Thai food with confidence.

To recreate the Thai dishes at home, it is very important to use the ingredients that Chef Cecille uses. Para authentic talaga yung flavor ng dish.

Thai cuisine uses a lot of interesting herbs and spices to infuse the food with flavors. For instance, now that my senses have learned to single out the intense aroma and flavor of kaffir lime leaves, I will never be able to cook curry without it.

 Green Curry with Chicken, made during the cooking class I had with Chef Cecille

Chef Cecille Chang's recipe for green curry is very simple but oh-so good! As I've mentioned earlier it is also very adpatable. I’ve used beef, chicken and prawns, and my family always come back for a second serving of rice.  I imagine it would also go well with just vegetables.

The vegetables I use in my green curry changes, too. Whatever lang is available in the grocery. Sometimes, I use eggplant and zucchini, sometimes I cook with brocolli and potatoes. Other times naman wintermelon, if I'm lucky enough to see one. Whatever vegetables look good and fresh lang sa grocery.

Green Curry with Beef Tenderloin which I served to my family recently

It's not easy to look for Thai ingredients in Manila, but thankfully, I have found several stores, and I will share them with you so you can also make your own Green Curry at home - with much success!

1. Chef's Nook. It’s a small store along Pilar st. in Addition Hills, San Juan, but it's packed with almost all of the well-known Thai brands, as well as fresh ingredients like Thai basil, round Thai green eggplants, Thai chilis, lime leaves, galangal and lemongrass.

2. S&R. The refrigerated section of S&R carries fresh kaffir lime leaves. You can stock up on them and freeze them to extend their life.

3. Robinson's Selections. I found recommended brands of green curry, palm sugar and a whole lot others in the Asian ingredients aisle.

Here's the recipe I promised you. It's not the exact same recipe that Chef Cecille shared with us, because you have to attend her class for that. Teehee! BUT, it is very, very close to it.

Enjoy cooking!


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