Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wishful Thinking: { Wardrobe } Decoding The Secret Language Of Formal Attire For A Filipino-Chinese Wedding

For those of you who are Chinese, or who have married into a Chinese family, you know what I speak of when I say that dressing for a Filipino-Chinese wedding can sometimes be a dilemma.

For starters, when the invites say "formal attire," people normally assume it means full-length gown for ladies, suit or Barong Tagalog for men; however, it can also be easily misconstrued by some elders (and emphasis on some, ha) in the Fil-Chi community to mean any casual dress for the women and shorts-sleeved polo and slacks for the men. C and I have found ourselves in too many a predicament wherein it would seem we are over-dressed; but in reality, we are actually the ones properly dressed. It is easier for C since all he has to do is take off his coat, and he blends in already.

It has been my habit to make an effort to strictly follow the dress code indicated on the invite whenever I have to attend a wedding. Dressing appropriately shows the bride and groom that I recognize the effort that they have put into that special occasion. Also, you'd have to agree that beautifully dressed guests make for a beautiful party.:)

Having been a victim of "over-dressing" in several Chinese weddings, I am now sharing my guide on how to decode the secret language of formal dressing for a Filipino-Chinese wedding.

For a Chinese luncheon wedding that is held in a restaurant such as Gloria Maris or Century Seafood, I advise you to take out a dressy blouse and trousers from your closet. It will not make you stand out, and yet people will still take notice of the carefully selected pieces you have on. Finish your outfit with simple jewelry and put a pop of color by wearing a brightly colored clutch. As you may know, Chinese elders frown on black or white when going to happy events such as weddings and birthdays.
 1st outfit: Paule Ka top, Carnie trousers, Nine West leather sandals, Alexander McQueen clutch.  2nd outfit: Balmain silk shirt, Alexander McQueen boot cut pants, Prada high heel pumps
For a Chinese restaurant dinner reception, I would recommend for you to wear a knee length dress of neutral color. Again, our purpose is to quietly let people sit up and turn their heads in your direction as you walk on by.
1st outfit: Hoss Intropia satin wrap dress, Stuart weitzman shoes2nd outfit: Miss Selfridge pink dress, Badgley Mischka silver stiletto heels 3rd outfit: Oasis pleated dress, , Badgley Mischka bow high heels 
The fun part of getting ready for a wedding is really when you get ready for a hotel ballroom dinner reception because then you pull out all the stops. Putting on a floor length dress can make any woman feel extra lovely; more so when she gets a spontaneous compliment from the husband. It is also a good time for you to take the bling-blings for a night-out!
Mango evening dress, Valentino evening dress, Miss Selfridge cotton maxi dress, Jimmy Choo stiletto high heels, Rodo crystal evening clutch, MCDiamond Engagement ring, Carolee stud earrings, Miss Selfridge flower belt
There, I hope I was able to simplify it for you!:)