Friday, December 2, 2016

Domex 1Million Clean Toilets

In all of our travels abroad and even during local hotel staycations, one of the first things I do once we get settled down in our hotel room is to wipe down the toilet seat with a sanitizing solution. 

When my 2 girls were toddlers, I was very specific in the instructions I gave their yayas on how to sanitize the public toilet before my girls are to use them.

I'm OC about toilet hygiene talaga.

As a mother, I want to protect my kids from certain dangers to keep them healthy. I feel like it is my responsibility to teach them to keep themselves healthy as they grow up.

At home, shempre, I am as OC about hygiene in our bathrooms din.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mothers Who Brunch x Crate and Barrel

Christmas will soon be here... In about a months's time!

Are you ready for it?

What I look forward to the most during the holidays are time together with my family and friends. I really love spending time with my family, and I'm grateful that my husband has a long break from the office, too. It means he has more time for me and the kids.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Be A Wall Against Dengue

Whenever I hear stories from my friends and school co-parents about how devastating dengue can be, I say a short prayer of thanks that I haven't had any first-hand experience with dengue, it hasn't affected anyone in my family yet. 

Lately, I've been also reading in the papers about the recent rise of Dengue cases in the country.

I love my family and I want to do everything that I can to spare them from dengue.

A few Fridays ago, I attended the Be A Wall Against Dengue campaign held at the Glorietta Activity Center. With me were some of my friends, most of whom have already contracted dengue, or at least have had a family member who got sick from it.

Michelle Lim, Paolo and Suzi Abrera, Janice Villanueva and ME

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How To Connect With Our Teens On Social Media

I remember how it was like when I was a teenager, and how the home phone was crucial to staying in touch with my friends. During that time, we only have one home phone and there were 5 of us siblings. We had to practice restraint and courtesy by taking turns with the phone.

Unlike me as a teenager, my kids have wifi and a plethora of gadgets that allow them to be socially connected all the time. And they don't even have to concern themselves with taking turns because their gadgets are exclusive to them.

I have a 16 year old daughter, a 13 year old daughter, and a 12 year old son.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Burger King Chicken Fries

If you are both a chicken and fries fan then Burger King’s new product the Burger King Chicken Fries was made for you. Imagine the flavor and meat of chicken with the crispiness and finger-shaped form of fries, the combined result would be Chicken Fries.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

DIY Hair Treats At Home

For most women, beautiful, silky smooth hair is one of out top priorities. It's not called our crowning glory for nothing. Women invest time and money for beautiful hair. Think of the thousands spent for a trip to the salon or the bottles of hair treatments.

When I reached 40, I noticed that my hair started to show signs of aging, too. Dull, dry damaged, brittle, flat, coarse, thin—these are the inevitable signs of aging hair, which the vast majority of women will encounter. And as a busy mom of three active kids, I don't really have the luxury of time to spend an entire afternoon in the salon for treatments.

This is why I am so thankful when Watsons sent me a package overflowing with Hair Treats. I can get beautiful hair right at home.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Musings of the Teenage Mind

(I wrote this post two weeks ago, but forgot to publish)

My daughter came to my room just a few minutes ago. We just had dinner and she was going to start writing her article for her school paper, of which she is the sports writer.

She plopped herself on my bed, and goes, "Ma, I have kwento for you. I forgot to tell you earlier...

I interrupted her, "Wait! Is this good news or bad news?

She thought about it, "Uhmm, it's just kwento, but it's kilig.

Uuyyy! Now she has my attention! 

I sat upright, "ok, go tell me about it!

But she hesitated, "ah I'll kwento later na, mga 10pm when I'm done studying para full effect." 


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dona Lim + Snippets of Paris Fashion Week 2016

My good friend and J's ninang, Donabel, just launched Dona Lim, her self-named fashion line

She's one of my oldest friends, and not only do I admire her for sense of style; more than that, she inspires me with how she lives her life of faith.  She really is one of the people whose advice I really take to heart. I really admire how she was able to make a faith statement even with how she presents her fashion line.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Team Sushimoto: Sushi + Bento Box Workshop

If I would look back on all the restaurants my family ate in, it would appear that Japanese is our favorite cuisine.

My family can't get enough of sashimi, tempura, Kobe beef and let's not forget sushi!

The kids and I have also tried doing our own sushi at home. It's a fun activity whenever we have an easy weekend with nothing planned. Afterall, what could be better than making your own sushi where you get to choose the filling that you want to put in.

When my friend, Melanee invited me to join her for a sushi-making class, I immediately said yes! I'd like to have more sushi nights at home, and I'd like to learn more from a sushi chef.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Contadina and Nigella Lawson

In my home, the kitchen is the focus of the energy most of the time. The sizzling sound of the heated pan, the smell of chopped herbs, the visual delight of plating a finished dish... everything just stimulates the senses and encourages creativity.

Like all home-cooks, cooking is a great form of relaxation for me. It makes me feel good knowing that what I am doing serves as nourishment for the people I love very much. In the same manner, my family's appreciation of what I cook nurtures me emotionally, as well.

When I got an invite earlier this month for an exclusive lunch with Nigella Lawson as she introduced Contadina to the Philippine market, it was a dream come true!

Nigella Lawson reflects the Contadina woman through her food philosophy. 
Contadina is Italian for “woman of the fields”, very particular and discriminating about 
the quality of ingredients she uses for the home-cooked meals she lovingly prepares.

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