Monday, August 2, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner Birthday

For most families with kids, waking up to the dizzying sound of the alarm clock is the usual way to start another hectic day.  The early morning rush to send the kids off to school and getting to work on time is the predictable morning routine.  Unfortunately, hectic mornings mean that the most important meal of the day is often a hasty affair. 

My family is no different.  As a mom to three active kids, I hardly ever enjoy a leisurely morning.  Even my weekends are filled with kids’ activities of all sorts that start from the wee hours of dawn, and should there be a friend who is celebrating a birthday, the day can easily extend up to dinner time and beyond.  Just last weekend, the kids had a soccer festival on a Saturday that had us all shriveled from too much sun exposure. Then, Sunday found us waking up earlier than the sun to travel to a place that is the directional opposite of where we live for the purpose of participating in the Ironkids Aquathlon.  Breakfast on days like these, usually consist of just a sandwich or some reheated left-over pasta from dinner.

But if given a choice, I would surely choose to wake up to the sound of the rattle and clatter of pans, a clear indicator that something good is cooking in my kitchen.  Or better yet, there’s no better way to awaken my peepers than to have my olfactory stirred up and provoked by the delightful and delectable aroma coming from the kitchen, a sure sign that my day is going to be an easy one.  A meal that is made from the finest ingredients and prepared by someone who loves me – surely, that is the best wake-up call of all! 

Thinking along these lines, when my li’l lady turned a year older, we decided to celebrate it by organizing a breakfast party arranged just in time for dinner!  It is a wonderful change for a birthday theme.  

She has the busiest schedule of all, with her swimming and soccer training, that breakfast for her is almost always on-the-go.  So on her special day, I made sure she got to eat her breakfast in style.

Fancy having your own breakfast for dinner party?  Here's what I served in the breakfast buffet table:

1.  Eggs.  What breakfast table is complete without eggs?  Tamagoyaki makes an appearance in mine.  Tamagoyaki, a popular Japanese breakfast dish, is a type of Japanese omelette, which is made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg.  It is often included in bento boxes as well as being a popular sushi topping. 
2. Cold Soba. Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour. Serve chilled with a store bought dipping sauce and cut up seasoned nori sheets.

3.  Waffle.  Still in line with the Japanese theme, can anything scream kawaii more than Hello Kitty waffles?

 4. Teddy Bear Sushi.  It doesn't really make quite an impression artistically, noh? My sushi making skills definitely needs more practice. But it was certainly an attraction for the kids.  I used the sushi and bento box materials I purchased at the Saizen store.

 5.  Breakfast Croissant with jams.

6.  Filipino Style Breakfast.  My family's preferred breakfast fare consists of these all-time Filipino favorites:

Daing na Bangus
Breakfast Steak
Luncheon Meat

 7. Fresh Fruit Shakes.  Serve up a bevy of flavors.  I chose favorites like mango, strawberry and melon.

8.  Fresh Fruits. Stop at the grocery the day of the party and load a platter with whatever is in season.  Mine has strawberries, cantaloupe, dragonfruit and kiwis.

You can also serve them in too-cute-for-words decorative skewers...
9.  Danish Pastries
And what's a birthday party without the birthday cake?
Happy Birthday Achi!