Friday, February 28, 2014


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PictureMate PM245 or LabelWorks LW-400 or LabelWorks LW-300. 
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I love to label. It keeps my home organized. When everything is labeled, it avoids confusion for my husband and kids and everyone knows where to put everything back. So when Epson invited the SoMoms for a morning of labeling fun, I knew immediately it was an event I would enjoy!
There are many ways to label, and I've tried making my own via Excel, Word and Photoshop. But that takes up so much time, so I usually just end up handwriting labels, but it doesn't really look that nice. But now that I have my own Epson LabelWorks, I know I won’t procrastinate on labeling anymore. Epson LabelWorks make labeling so effortless and convenient. For one, I do not have to turn on my PC and then printer. Second, I am not obliged to fill up the entire piece of paper if I only need a few labels.
The Epson LabelWorks run on both battery and electric outlet.
The Epson LabelWorks is an easy-to-use solution for my every labelling need. I can choose to print as many or as few labels as I need as it can store up to 30 custom designs so that I can easily reprint label designs when necessary.
Of course, the fist thing I labeled was my Epson LabelWorks! 
Why I love the Epson LabelWorks:
    ~ offer creative flexibility with up to 14 font types and 10 different styles (bold, shadow, outline, etc), 457 symbols and 87 frames,
    ~ can store up to 30 custom labels, supports vertical & mirror print and can print on 2 lines
    ~ simple to use because of its ergonomic buttons and high-quality LCD screen
    ~ can lift and reposition standard labels within 24 hours
    ~durable lables that can survive extreme temperatures and wet conditions. (so I can use this to label my kids water jugs and swim equipment)
     ~ wide selection of high-quality labels in a variety of styles, sizes and colors - in standard, metallic and pastel colors, patterns, and even specialized applications such as iron-on, glow-in-the-dark, cable wrap and index tapes.
This crafty mama is in heaven!  Thank you Epson for the LabelWorks complete with 4 media cartridges to play with!
Aside from printing on regular sticker media, the Epson LabelWorks also prints on special Epson Iron-on label and ribbon.  I love the iron-on media most especially. My kids are competitive swimmers and they join competitions once a month. Team jerseys have been mixed up a few times with their team mates in the past. But now that I have the LabelWorks, this is now a thing of the past.

Here are some of the ways I label:
     1. Pantry shelves and pantry items. I label directly on the shelves so everyone in the house knows where to get and return pantry items.
     2. School supplies and sports equipment.  My kids have all sorts of sports equipment that they use for their swim training. Labeling them is a breeze with the Quickly and easily label your kids’ school supplies and sports equipments with their names.
     3. Tools and parts.  Our tool box and plastic bins in our storage area are labeled with the things that are stored inside to keep things organized.
     4. Medicine Cabinet. I labeled the containers into:  First Aid, Vitamin Supplements, Medicine
     5. Documents and Paper Files.  With a big family, paper documents have piled up and I manage these files by labeling every envelpoe and folder.
     6.  Plugs and Wires.  There's no more confusion which plug belongs to what electronic.  There are four iphones and 2 iPads in this house, and chargers are now labeled with the owner's name.

***Epson LabelWorks printer retails at P2,025 and the Epson LabelWorks cartridges range from P600-1200, and are available online at Printers2Go ( or email:

And as if the Epson LabelWorks is not enough, they also gave us our own Epson Picture Mate PM 245!  I have three kids and every start of the school year, we troop to our neighborhood ID studio for their photo ID's.  Not to mention that whenever they qualify for every level of the Palaro Games, that's another visit to the studio each time.  Long story short, I am the ID studio "suki."

But not anymore!  I can now print ID photos at the comfort of my own home.
Offers direct printing even without a PC via the built-in memory card slot or connect your digital camera directly using PictBridge or USB Direct. The tiltable 2.5” LCD screen lets you view and make last-minute effects before printing.
I can also use this to print out the DIY invitations I do for the kids' intimate birthday parties.  The possibilities are really endless!  

Reasons to love the Epson PictureMate PM245:
~ It can produce customized prints in seconds. You can prints various sizes depending on your needs - 1x1, 2x2, wallet size... no problem! As long as it fits in the 4R photo paper.
~ photo printing convenient with PC-less operation. And with just one click, you can print multiple copies in multiple sizes
~ can print smudge, scratch, water and fade-resistant photos with or without border in 37 seconds
~ produce 150 4R prints with a picture pack that costs only P1200 (P8/ 4R print)
~ uses Epson Claria™ PhotoEnhance, so you can adjust skin tones, color casts and exposure levels. You can also add cool effects and clipart, reduce red eye and so much more with the built-in features at a touch of a button.
~light enough to carry around the house, or even outside the house.

***Epson PictureMate PM245 retails at P7,995, which includes a free ink cartridge and photo paper bundle good for 20 prints. The refill packs cost P1,200 with 150 4R prints, which comes out roughly at P8/ print.
And now here comes the fun part!!!  Epson wants to share the experience of turning the ordinary into extra-ordinary.  One lucky reader who comments on this blog post will win one of the following:
 (1) PictureMate PM 245 OR  (1) LabelWorks LW-400  OR   (1) LabelWorks LW-300.

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~ comment with the phrase “I WANT PICTUREMATE AND LABELWORKS …(state your reason why).  No need to think of an elaborate reson.  Simply just state what you want to use it for.
example: “I WANT PICTUREMATE AND LABELWORKS so that I can creatively feature my children's milestones on the scrapbook I am making for her.

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d. Raffle will end on March 21, 2014 11:59 PM.  One winner will be chosen at random.  Winner will be notified with a confirmation email first week of April with details on how to claim the prize package.

e. Giveaway is open to ALL Philippine residents.  Yes, this is a nationwide giveaway!

f. Help me spread the word!!!  Help me get to the top three (3) mommy bloggers with the most number of valid comments so I can give YOU the chance to win one of these.  The contest will only open if I get to the top three so let's help each other!:)
Most number of valid comments:  (1) PictureMate PM 245 (worth P7,995)
2nd most number of valid comments: (1) LabelWorks LW-400 (worth P2,835)
3rd most number of valid comments: (1) LabelWorks LW-300 (worth P2,025)

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