Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekend Footnotes: A Night Out With My Mooncake Moms

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be a guest at an intimate party to celebrate a milestone birthday for one of my DML mooncake moms.  It was a surprise birthday party organized by the husband of the celebrant.
My Mooncake Moms.  Parang Koreanovela lang!:)
So there we were, all ladies.  It was a gathering of all of her good friends accumulated from the time she was in school herself all the way upto all the mommy groups she has formed through her kids.  She has 4 kids so you can just imagine how many groups of friends she has accumulated.  It was enough to fill up the entire function room.

 Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous spread, from the buttered prawns to the roast beef.  But these dessert shooters were the star of the dessert table.
Clearly, CYMA's Roka Salata ruled!  I think everyone in my table went back for seconds or thirds.:)
 The Tonnos Salata was also good, but I have always loved the Roka.
Here is the birthday girl.  She is everyone's achi in our group, and we have learned so much from her. Dealing with kids, husband, and even how to diet. hahaha!:)  I have always admired her dedication to all of her four kids. Four kids, imagine that!
Happy Birthday, Helen! 
For me and my friends, it is a good way to catch up and our long awaited night out. :)  I hardly go out at night with friends anymore, my meet-ups are usually breakfast or lunch dates when the kids and husband are away.  So this was a good excuse to be out!:)


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