Thursday, February 27, 2014

Phenomenal Tip: Grandma's Secret Spot Remover

J has this Coach bag which has seen better days.  It is one of her favorite weekend bags since the size is just perfect for her to put all her essentials in.  But lately, she hasn't been wearing it, and when I saw it in her closet I know why...
The dirt has darkened the bag, and has been left too long that it was now difficult to remove.  We have tried washing the surface lightly several times, but the dirt seems to be deeply rooted.  It is a good thing I remembered that my fellow SoMoms, Tin Dychiao, of the blog, Manila Fashion Observer, is the distributor of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover.  I ordered a bottle from her, and tried it on the bag.
 A few drops on where the stubborn stains are... wait for a few hours... brush lightly with an old toothbroush ... wipe with a damp towel several times to take off remaining solution... et voila!!!  Looks spanking NEW!

I need to show you a before and after comparative so you can better appreciate...
J had hesitations initially because this is her first ever designer bag, and so it had sentimental value to her. She was scared that the solution might do further damage.  So we tested on the underside of the bag first, and when we saw that it was successful in taking out the stubborn dirt, we went on right ahead with the entire bag. Since the bag was dirty all over, I was generous with the application, pouring the solution all over.  And I also made the solution soak a bit longer to make sure all the dirt and stains are taken out.

Even better, it's environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, and does not contain chlorine or phosphates. This spot remover formula also offers a pleasant aroma rather than the off-putting scents of other stain removers.  A small travel-sized bottle (2 oz) only costs P295.00.  Click here to know where you can order this.

Tin also gave me Grandma's Secret Wrinkle Remover!  Yay, thanks for this!  It's the perfect thing to bring for traveling, which everyone will be doing this summer break. No more wrinkled shirts when we take out our clothes from the suitcase.  Pack it in the suitcase and just a few sprays, and my clothes look fresh and wrinkle free in no time!  The clean, springtime scent is also an added plus!


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