Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Over the course of the last couple of weeks , or maybe even months, I do not really recall, my Facebook news feed has moms talking about the movie, Frozen.  I was clueless about it, and just vaguely caught up with what people were actually talking about as days went on.... movie pala siya.  If all the girls are talking about it, I thought to myself, then how come I haven't heard MY girls talk about it yet?  No one was bugging me to take them to watch the movie yet. Was it because they are older already and don't care much about a "cartoon" movie?
And then last week while we were having dinner, curiosity just got the better of me and so I just asked B, "It seems like all the moms I know in Facebook are talking about "Frozen", is that something you also talk about with your friends in school?"

B looked up from her plate, her eyes lit up and her lips widened into a smile, "Frozen?  What frozen?  Are we talking about frozen brazo?"
Hahaha!  Eh kaya pala!  My kids are always just thinking about food!!!

But, yes, they do talk about Frozen the movie with their friends.  And she knows how to sing the song from the movie, Let It Go.  But it's just really food on her mind - all the time! Teeheehee!:)



  1. I was laughing by myself reading this! LOL!!! Buti pa sya alam niya ang frozen brazo! :D
    I guess it's really the age group - the little girls went gaga over Frozen while the big girls just know about it but no big deal, hahaha...

  2. We love Frozen (the movie) although I wouldn't mind having a frozen brazo de mercedes, too!. It's my husband's favorite. :)