Monday, February 2, 2015

MUZIP Zipper Earphones: Product Review + A GIVEAWAY

On weekends, when everyone takes a break from studying, the kids usually gather in our room after dinner. Because they sleep in their own room, staying together in one room is a weekend treat for everyone. Most often, we will call it a "movie night" and watch a movie in our room, sometimes with pizza and popcorn. But there are also times when everyone would just be together in the room doing their own thing. This usually ends up with argument at some point because one likes to watch a movie, one likes to listen to her playlist, and still the other one likes to play a game on the iPad.  You can just imagine the noise competition going on!

It's a good thing that we have several sets of earphones around the house to maintain some peace and quiet for the one who would just like to read - me!:) Earphones have allowed my kids to do their own thing while we are all in the same room... because we are clingy to each other that way. hahaha!:)

We also encounter the same thing when going on road trips, the first few minutes are peaceful until the two younger ones start to get on each other's nerves... Or until the two younger ones decided they have had enough of Taylor Swift! My J is a Swiftie, and can endure hours and days of "Shake It Off!" So for the sake of a peaceful drive, J needs earphones to listen to her music while in the car. 

When Muzip Zipper Earphone sent me their Japan-developed product for a review, you can bet J was excited to call dibs on it.  Most especially when she saw that they came in all sorts of colors!

Why I like Muzip:

1. Never Tangles.
Don't you just hate it when your kids come to you asking you to untangle their wires? When that happens to me, it seems like I spend a good part of the day just trying to untangle the wires. Because of MUZIP's zipper technology, messy tangles will be a thing of the past. The zippered head slides with almost no effort so you can adjust the length in an instant.

2. Fashion-forward colors to express personality.  
Choose from 9 different bright colors: Pastel Green, Emerald Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Blue, Paste Blue, and Red. And because I can actually color code my kids' earphones, arguments over who owns which will be non-existent.

3. Comfortable to Wear & Stays in the ears.
The silicone ear buds are soft and gentle to wear. One set includes 3 interchangeable soft ear tips in three sizes for personal fit for all ages.  Make sure to find the tip that fits you best to ensure that it stays in your ears.

4. Sounds Great
Since MUZIP earphones are developed in Japan, they have a noise reduction technology that rivals more expensive earphones in the market today.

5. Peace, Quiet and Convenience.
As a mom to three, this MUZIP Zipper Earphone is my best bet to a peaceful road trip.  Not to mention that because it is compatible with all 3.5mm media jack including Iphone, iPad and Samsung tablets and smartphones, we don't have to carry around an extra adaptor.

It is quite pricey at P1,199.00, but if you think about the quality it will pay-off in the long-term, since you don't have to replace your earphones that often. In addition, it also comes with a microphone that is built into the chord which allows phone conversations on-the-go, as well as high quality, static-free voice recording. Versatility of use right there!

MUZIP is available at the following branches of Ephones
Sm Megamall - 4/F Cyberzone Bldg B
Market Market - 4F Unit 417
SM Fairview - 3rd Floor
SM San Lazaro - 3rd Floor
Ayala Town Center - 3/F Activity Centre

You can buy online through:
1. MUZIP-Earphone FB page (send them a PM of your order)

For those of you wanting the technical details of the earphone:
*Directly imported from Japan, the MUZIP earphones boast of high quality in-ear speakers with advanced noise-reduction technology for today’s discerning music aficionado and video gaming enthusiasts.

*True to Japanese form, MUZIP earphones were designed with simplicity, function, and reliability in mind. The patented zipper-type chord design guarantees absolutely no tangles, allowing ease of use and storage.

*Despite its sturdy design and build, MUZIP earphones are among the lightest in its category, weighing less than 30 grams. And the ingenious design of the earpiece ensures that they stay in your ear all day long, for as long as you want

*Perhaps the most noticeable trademark of a MUZIP earphone is its patented zipper-type chord that was specifically designed for ultra-smooth use. The zipper head slides with little effort, allowing the user to lengthen or shorten the slack of the chord in an instant.

*High-grade plastic cut with precision to guarantee solid interlocking, while machine-attached military grade fibres running the full length of the chord ensure resistance to damage and tear.

*The output -- at 98 dB -- and wide frequency range (20 to 20,000 Hz) makes this a choice product for the most discerning music aficionado and music professionals, like DJs, composers, music editors, recording engineers and many more.

*Intelligently designed microphones built into the chord allows phone conversations on-the-go, as well as high quality, static-free voice recording 


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