Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay: Perfect Place for A Staycation

When the kids were much younger, I remember we would drive up to Tagaytay almost everytime there's a long weekend. The cool and crisp climate of Tagaytay makes it the perfect choice for a quick weekend getaway.  But the kids began having a lot more activities as they grew older, and so we were not able to to to Tagaytay as often as we want to. But it doesn't really matter because my mommy friends and I just came from a wonderful Halloween weekend in Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay to celebrate our Oreo Trip & Treats.
left to right: Michelle, Rina, Tin, Kris, Didi, Mish, Cai, Neva and ME!
All photos watermarked with "My Mom-Friday" are from Michelle Lim.

The SoMoms had such a great time with our kids during our Halloween Party because of the overflowing sweets and Oreo treats, and I shared how you can recreate the dessert buffet table here.
click here for DIY details on the dessert buffet

Hotel Kimberly was our home for the Halloween Weekend. It is a deluxe 4-storey hotel tucked in a quiet area of Tagaytay.  It is perfect for families with kids as the establishment has something to offer for everyone.
photo from Hotel Kimberly

The hotel has a very big open area where we did the games for our OREO Halloween Trip and Treats. Everyone came wearing costumes and here's my Darth Vader.
The open area was so expansive that we were able to have our trick-or treat and games in the garden. There's a lot of space for kids to run around and have fun outdoors.

A party won't be a party without games and prizes, right?!?

OREO provided a LOT of prizes and since it is everyone's favorite cookie, it didn't take a lot of convincing for my girls to join the games. 
Oreos were placed on the forehead and the kids did all kinds of facial contortions to bring the cookie down to the mouth. Photo from Rina.
The kids eat donuts tied on a string without using their hands.  It's harder than it looks! 
Of course, no Halloween trick or treat is complete without our favorite Spookie Cookie, Oreo! There were several trick-or-treat stops all over the hotel and the kids couldn't get enough of Oreos... always a long line at every stop!

Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay is owned by friends of ours, and we've always wanted to stay there but just couldn't find the time because of the kids' busy schedule. So when the hotel invited the SoMoms to visit their facility for the Halloween weekend, I just knew we had to say yes to that.

As I've mentioned earlier, the hotel positions itself as a hotel for families and kids. The pool, petting farm and playground are all to make sure that the kids get a lot of safe, outdoor fun. Your kids won't even notice their electronic gadgets here!  And because it is far from the touristy area of Tagaytay, the place is much more quiet - the perfect place for a staycation!

1. Pet the animals at the hK Farm
I think the petting farm at Hotel Kimberly can lay claim to be the singular major come-on to visit and stay at the hotel. All the kids, from the youngest to the oldest, were drawn to the animals here.

The free-roaming and domesticated animals are such a treat to all the kids!
Natalie met up with us before we left, and as I was telling her how the petting farm was the most charming attraction of their hotel, she shared that it was her husband's project for the hotel. We can surely expect more animals to join this menagerie! Photo from Stan Ong..

My daughters kept insisting to take a photo of this turkey.

I think we woke up this guy up from his sleep.  My daughter had to remind me that owls are nocturnal :)

2. Have Fun In The Sun
The first thing we saw when we entered the expansive greenery was this huge playground jungle which attracted the kids!

Even the teens found something to do in the vast playground.

The hotel has two swimming pools that the kids couldn't get enough of.

If you don't feel like joining your kids for a swim, but you don't want to leave them alone either, the lounge chairs are very comfortable so you can relax while keeping a close watch on the kids while they have some pool time fun.

3. Stay In and Relax 
Hotel Kimberly is located off the usual tourist path so this is the perfect place to go if you just want to stay in and relax.

We stayed in a Premier Room with 2 queen-sized beds.  It is very spacious and good for a family of 4, and can even accommodate an extra bed. There's a flat screen TV, a personal ref, and a wardrobe in the room.
Published room rates start at P5,500.  The published rate for this Premier Room is P7,700.00.

The bathroom is roomy enough, and comes with the basic toiletries.

I can just sit and relax, and catch up on my reading...

but, nah... not really.  "Ma, let's go down to the farm!" 

Hotel Kimberly has quiet sitting spots located at every floor that there's always a spot to sit and relax. Go read a book or magazine, play your favorite board game, or just enjoy an easy conversation with your family members.

Since the hotel doesn't lie on the main Tagaytay highway, it has no view of Taal; but the wonderful scenery during sunrise and sunset more than makes up for it, promise!

4. Enjoy the food at CafeK
The hotel's food outlet serves good Filipino food that's also very affordable.

Waffles are made on the spot.

5. Courteous and Solicitous Staff.
The restaurant staff at CafeK are the hotel's hidden gems.  They are very observant without being intrusive.  Edgar here attended to our group, and he quickly noticed that I only drank warm water.  By my second meal at the restaurant, he served cold drinks on everyone around me and politely told me that he will be back for my glass of warm water.  Yan ang service!
Of course, I quickly told Natalie about her super efficient and courteous staff!  She shared that they have gotten a lot of good feedback from guests about their staff. Rightfully so!

Thank you David and Natalie of Hotel Kimberly for the very nice stay. Big thanks also to Fifi Wong for the warm welcome. We will surely be back soon!
Next time around, we will definitely be taking the boys with us!  Thanks to Stan Ong for the beautiful photos of my girls and me.

Amadeo Road, Brgy. Kaybagal North
Crisanto Ave., Tagaytay City, Cavite
Phone: +632 521-1888