Monday, November 3, 2014

Euky Bearub: All-Natural Eucalyptus Rub + A GIVEAWAY

I still have a Halloween hangover!  And no, it's not from our super memorable Oreo Trip & Treats party, but because the kids got sick one after the other during the sem-break!  I tell you that is the scariest thing that happened during the Halloween weekend. Hainaku!!!

Ugh! All of them complained of headache, colds, sore throat, clogged nose. As a first recourse, I usually turn to natural remedies, so I had them drink oregano tea made from fresh oregano leaves.  A friend gave me a starter pot of this beautiful oregano plant, which we quickly grew into 5 new plants by plant cuttings. I think I need about 10 pots at the rate we consume them whenever someone is sick.

I cleared out the books by my beside to give way to the essentials: a thermometer, saline solution to clear the nasal airways, and Euky BearubEuky Bearub is Australia's #1 pharmacy chest rub. It's a gentle, soothing Eucalyptus rub that helps relieve sore throat, stuffy nose, irritating cough, muscle pains and even insect bites.

A few months ago, Marilen, the distributor of Euky Bearub in the Philippines, sent over some of their chest rub for me to try. Since the kids rarely get sick, I just left them in our medicine cabinet for future use. So when the first kid got sick and I went to get the thermometer, I took out the Euky Bearub at the same time.
My kids loved it when I massaged it on their chest and throat area. It helped clear their nasal passages and relieved their sore and inflamed throat. They find it extra relaxing when I did this before they went to bed to ensure that they can breathe freely, making their sleep more restful.

Marilen assures me that Euky Bearub is safe for both kids and adults because it is a natural eucalyptus chest rub that uses camphor as its base.. It is safe to use during pregnancy too. Euky Bearub was Australia's My Child Excellence Awards Runner up for Favorite Baby Care Product in 2013 and is Australia’s #1 pharmacy chest rub.

Why I like Euky Bearub:
- clears stuffy nose.
- eases cough
- soothes sore throat
- relieves mucous congestion
- helps sleep better
- relieves muscular pains and aches
- soothes pain, swelling and redness of minor insect bites
You can view the different ways on how to use Euky Bearub here.

I have used it on myself when I felt a headache coming.  I massaged it gently on the temples of my head, and felt immediate relief. This is one rub that the whole family can use!

One 50g tube costs Php489.75.  Euky Bearub is sold in:
1.Mamaway 4th Level, Main Wing, Shangri-la Plaza Mall
2. Babyland Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City

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Thanks to Euky Bearub for giving 3 lucky mamas ONE TUBE EACH of Euky Bearub!!!

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