Friday, August 19, 2011

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath

When Johnson's and
Johnson invited me to be part of the media launch for introducing Judy
Ann Santos as the celebrity endorser for their milk bath line, I agreed
without hesitation.
  Being a mom to three kids who all suffer from eczema, I am very much particular with the skin care products that I use on them.  I always make sure to use hypo-allergenic products that are mild and won't irritate their sensitive skin. 

Inspite of being a famous actress, Judy Ann shows the same commitment to her family like any mother.  Judy Ann admits that ever since she became a mom, she became more discerning in making choices as she knows her decision can have a huge impact on her family.  These days, as she lays low on her career to focus on the more momentous role of being a family woman, she finds delight in making her family take centerstage in her life.  And for her, there is no other brand she trusts but Johnshon's.  And rightfully so, given that the brand has taken care of her skin while she was growing up.

Guests were also treated to the beautiful, beautiful music of Noelle Cassandra, who is responsible for moving the harp away from its traditional classical image into a more contemporary style by mixing it with jazz and rock tunes.... And who was also a Johnson's baby growing up.

Another celebrity Johnson's baby hosted the event, Angel Jacob.  I couldn't believe when she shared that she is already a mother to a teen.  She looks so stylish and pretty that I just couldn't resist a photo-op. 

Like all Johnsons baby bath product line, this one is as good as all the others.  Johnson's Baby Milk Bath gently cleanse baby's delicate skin and prevents dryness, which may lead to irritation.  You wll be pleased to know that it has 100% more milk proteins and vitamins A and E.  It is also clinically proven mild, and as an added bonus to moms of toddlers, it also has that NO MORE TEARS FORMULA which ensures a lot of gentle fun in the bath.


My kids each have a bottle of Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion in their swimming bag, they put it on right after taking a shower to immediately moisturize and protect them from the harsh chlorine from the pool water.  So far, we have managed to keep their eczema at bay, and no major flare-ups has cropped up.  Really gives credence to their slogan, "Alagang Johnson's!"

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