Friday, October 28, 2011

{Wishful Thinking} Birthday Wish List

After days of tutoring for R's exam week, we both welcome the school break with a smile as wide as our lips can go!:) After days of whining that he "cannot take it anymore", I get a handwritten note from him expressing his BIG thanks for helping him review for his tests.

Not only that, R also grandly stated that for my birthday he is going to buy me a watch!!! O di ba? Hahahaha! As if he can afford one...

Well, since he asked... I have always wanted an all-gold men's Datejust Rolex ... and seeing pics of these fashionable celebrities have only added fuel to my fire...  
Realistically, these gold medals for the wrist cost too much to be worn everyday by an errand-running mom/driver/tutor/cook. If I would get one for myself it would have to be one of the ladies sized ones that I can wear to dinner parties.

For an everyday watch, I have been wanting an all-gold men-sized wristwatch for about a year already. Just patiently waiting for the right one to catch my eyes' (and more importantly, my wallet's) fancy. Something mid-priced would be more suitable for everyday wear; I need not worry (too much) about it getting scratched, or lost. So the Nixon 42-20 Gold Chrono Watch is a good deal...
Nixon 'The 42-20 Chrono' Watch | Nordstrom

Here is a closer look at the Nixon. What do you think?

Nixon watch

Still, another option is Michael Kors 5055 Chrono Watch, also in gold. This one is even cheaper than the Nixon, but looks just as delicious. Yes?


Still about birthday gifts...

B just came up to me, "Mom, I am so excited for the weekend. I can't wait," she dramatically clasped both her hands together and raised it to her chest dreamily. I raised one eyebrow, wondering where all this drama would lead to. She continued, "This weekend, I am going to Tiffany & Co. at Shangri-la Mall. I will ask Dad to go with me, I will buy you a necklace or a bracelet."

"And where exactly will you get the money?" I sweetly challenged her. "I will bring my wallet... it has one one-thousand bill and one one-hundred bill," she said with a smug look on her face, her head arched to one side, a self-satisfied smile curling on her lips.

Just too sweet and just so adorable! I will just leave it to her dad to explain the kind of money needed to go out of the store carrying that robin's egg blue bag. hahaha! :)

I don’t expect expensive gifts, or any gifts, for that matter on my birthday; however if it’s true, that it’s the thought that counts when making decisions about gifts, then I have just gotten the grandest gifts of all! Of course we all know I am not getting anything close to the watch and the necklace, but their simple gesture is more than enough. Now, if their dad is willing to shell out the money... I will not complain... I surely won't.