Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Fine Day

When nature commands the sun to showers us tenderly with her splendid rays of yellow;  when she summons the wind to generously blow a gentle breeze, what else is there to do but to go outdoors and be one with her?

Trying hard to get at the ball, at all cost...
This is a hilarious pic of R sitting on the ball.  After successfully getting the ball from his big sis, nothing would make him let go of it...

And where do we find B, in the middle of this all?  Uncharacteristically, just watching from the sideline...

This is one day I would want to happen again soon...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bookshelf For A Song

I just wanted to share with you my happiness over finding a new bookshelf.  I did not want to invest so much in it, like the way I did with the custom-made desk and hutch.  I bought this at S&R for a song, practically.  While I see the hardwood desk staying with me forever, this new bookshelf will be with us only temporarily as C and I seem to suffer from bibliophilia. :)  Hence, I predict a need for a new one to house the growing collection in the near future. 

After 10 years of marriage, this is the first time that we will be consolidating our library.  There are still a lot of books in our individual bookshelves, but I am tired from moving books already so they will have to stay where they are till I find the time and energy to move them.

Here are some of C's selections:

Some of my favorite books:

Kulinarya ( A Guidebook to Philippine Cuisine) is my preferred reading material at the moment.  Food styling is done by one of my favorite creative persons, Claude Tayag.  He is not only a fellow Cabalen, but a talented food/travel columnist, as well.

J’s favorite book in my library:

 "If you truly love a book, you should sleep with it, write in it, read aloud from it, and fill its pages with muffin crumbs."

Busy November

November is a good and busy month for both running and soccer. There are a lot of running events the whole month of November, but I just made a short list of those that I am considering to join:  the 7th Animo LaSalle Run, the 2009 Timex Run, and the Race and Shine Charity Run for Autism.

The Animo La Salle Run holds a special place in my heart as the event that started my enthusiasm for running. However, the DLSU Run at the MOA and the Timex Run at the Fort are scheduled on the same day; I am biased to run at the Fort, owing to the better race route and scenery. In addition, with Rio at the helm of the Timex event, it is sure to be more organized.

If we decide to join Timex, it will be another back-breaking, leg-splitting and mind-numbing day for us as it coincides, once again, with J's soccer tournament. In the same breath, let me also mention that J and her teammates are looking forward to compete in the Alaska Football Cup, the RIFA tournament, and the Xavier Football Cup.

The Alaska Football Cup is happening on the second weekend of November. It is the biggest and most prestigious amateur football tournament in the country. The event has become even more exciting as the 2008 winning girls team got the chance to participate in the renowned Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden this year.

The phase 2 of the Rizal Football Association (RIFA) tournament will also be held middle this month.  

The 2009 RIFA Tournament Phase 1 (Midgets division) 2nd Runner-Up

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Pet for Mei-Ya

Lately, my young ones are inspired to take up writing as well. None more evident than B's seemingly mad obsession with writing short stories. She would cut out paper and bind them together with a staple wire to make a book. She would write, illustrate and color her work; and when done, she'd run to me and present her "work". I can only encourage her creative musings by patiently helping her out with difficult words she cannot spell on her own and endlessly listening to her read the stories out loud to me.

Just the other day, after school, while we were walking to the car, she excitedly told me that she brought one of her short stories to her teacher. She had asked her teacher to forward her work to the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper

To B's creativeness, I say: "Nurture it! Protect it! Let it run wild! That's all you ever need!"

A New Pet for Mei-Ya
written 2009 by a little girl who just turned 6.
She loves to write short stories.

Hi!  My name is Mei-Ya.  I am 5 years old.

I like gardening.  I like apples and bananas. 


She doesn't like leaves because green is not her favorite color.

She wants to have a pet.

Her mother said "no," because she is too young.

The next morning. . .

Her Older Brother said," I want a pet."

Her mom said, "yes."

 His mommy brought home a rabbit.

They put the rabbit in a cage.

Mei-Ya and her brother take care of it.

The End.