Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crumbs on the Coookbook

I want to let you in on my peculiar way with cookbooks - I read them like I do a novel.  Why not? I take pleasure scrutinizing the ingredient list and the cooking process of each recipe.  I delectably savor the method of perusing it from the first page to the last, consuming every element as I go along. 

A few months ago, 2 wonderful ladies simultaneously offered to lend me their treasured cookbooks.  One a knowledgeable and experienced home-baker and the other one a certified foodie.  The recipe books were my favorite bedside companions at night for the past few weeks.  As I went through the pages, I would make a mental note to take a crack at the recipes that called my name

The carrot cake from the Baking Illustrated was the first endeavor.  It was yummy!  One more recipe added to my “tried and tested file.”  My apologies for not taking a photo of the finished product.  It was speedily boxed and packaged, given as gifts of appreciation for the kindness of several friends.  The few remaining ones were gone in the blink of an eye, thanks to the fast hands of B and R.

The next attempt was the granola bars.  This one needed a little improvement, and I can incontestably declare that my current master granola recipe is still the one to go to.

The most recent undertaking was to attempt to re-create the flavor and texture of Mrs. Field’s cookies. This endeavor was actually two weeks in the making, or thinking, as the case maybe.  After all, choco chip cookie doesn’t really sound exciting.  There are several recipes that abound, all claiming to be the best ever.

I am amazed at how close the cookies come to the original Mrs. Field’s.   This one truly takes the cake, or the cookie.  It is simply the best!

My next baking project is the German Chocolate Cake from the Joy of Cooking recipe book.  It will be made with the mocha fillingfound in the same book.  What keeps me from putting this one off is the multiple process involved in making it.  Baking the layered cake, cooking the filling and finally preparing the chocolate ganache frosting.  Whew!  I got tired just thinking about it. :)

I suppose I should get my own copy of these two books anytime now.

Gemma and Mely, I promise to return your books soon, but first I have to dust off the flour …