Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shopping and Female Bonding

Shopping is the universal female language. Friendships are usually cemented over numerous shopping trips together.  Still, some say that shopping is very similar to a contact sport like football. The scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death…

C and I were supposed to take B on a much-deserved one-on-one date with us, a reward for getting second honors during the 2nd quarter of the school year. I have decided this 2009 that instead of giving out material things as a reward for academic excellence, we should instead offer as a reward our undivided attention for one afternoon with any activity of their choice.

She was beside herself with excitement, and couldn’t decide whether to eat out or to have a chance to play at Time Zone ( a local gaming arcade). It was heart-breaking to see her having difficulty deciding on how to spend the date that I agreed we do both.

It was too late to postpone when I found out that the biggest bazaar this side of the world is happening on that same day. I found myself in a really tight spot. Should I or should I not? I took a crack at asking B if she was up to a last minute change of plans. Luckily, it was not that hard to convince her.

So the three of us drove off to Ayala, Alabang that hot and humid Sunday afternoon. It seemed to me that everyone was there; the streets leading to the bazaar were filled with cars as far as five - yes, you read that right, five blocks away.

While I was wound up to the highest degree as I saw the numerous merchandise spread out before me, B was slowly getting piqued. As both of my hands added shopping bags with great speed, it was with the same frequency that she began to feel resentful. What seemed to be at first to be a brilliant idea was slowly turning out to have a tinge of unpleasantness. Culminating with a tantrum conveniently timed when I was having a chat with a friend whom I haven’t seen for a while. She stepped in, and in true B fashion stomped her foot and said, exceedingly loud in fact, “This doesn’t feel like a date at all!”

Looking back, I feel like such a bad mommy for actually luring her into a bazaar and sugar-coating it as bonding time. B was obviously railing against not being able to enjoy our time together, intensified to a greater extent by the excessive heat and the huge crowd. I failed to foresee that she was only as high as everyone’s tummy, thus her view was limited to the same and she couldn’t even see the numerous display above her.

So, yes, I still feel bad two days after. And yes, I am writing this so that when she is older and she gets to read this, she’ll know that Mommy feels remorseful about that certain decision.

But what if the shopping cum bonding happens to take place inside an air-conditioned and spacious mall? That can certainly pass, right?

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