Monday, February 22, 2010

Cakes and Celebrations

B will be turning seven in a few weeks.  I don't know kind of cake she wants this year.  She can't make up her mind yet.  I ask, "How about Angelina Ballerina?" No response.  "Fancy Nancy, perhaps?"  Still nothing. 

It's still a couple of weeks away and it's nothing major so we both still have a lot of time to be inspired.  We never celebrated seventh birthday in a big, over-the top kind of way.  Those big fantabulous parties are reserved for the kids' first birthdays only.  AND I must emphasize, I have no plans of ever planning a first birthday party again.

Here are some of her birthday cakes during the last six years.

For her first birthday celebration, I had Dexter's Bakeshop make this Noah's Ark-themed two-tiered fondant cake with the cutest animals made from gumpaste.

For her second birthday, she had a Barney-themed cake from Estrel's; but the star of the buffet table was the cochinillo we ordered from Alba's.  The meat was so tender, and as if to highlight that, the server sliced it with a plate, I kid you not!

She celebrated her third birthday at Mc Donald's and wanted a Disney princess theme.  For her cake, we ordered this cute three-tiered fondant from the friend of my sister-in-law.

Her fourth birthday was celebrated simply at home with a heart-shaped caramel cake from Estrel's:
She also hosted the school snack that day.   I prepared baked macaroni and hotdogs on a stick.  This is also my first attempt at baking celebratory cakes/cupcakes.  I used a store-bought brownie mix and used ready made frosting straight out of a jar.  These are such pitiful looking cupcakes and I now wonder what exactly was I thinking bringing them outside the house... tsk! :)  I am sure, back then, they looked wonderful to my eye. Just between us, I had second thoughts about posting this photo, but I figured we would all get a good laugh out of it.
For her fifth birthday, I returned to my trusty cake supplier, Estrels, to make this adorable Littlest Pet Shop cake.  I supplied them with the cake toppers and left them in charge to spin their magic.

On her sixth birthday, she was still crazy over her Littlest Pets collection so that's what I had Estrel's make again.

Riley bent down to blow the candles even before we finished singing her birthday song.
I baked a huge, huge batch of sugar cookies for her to give to her classmates.  I made so many cookies that there was a lot left over, enough for J to share with all of her friends, too.  All of their friends went crazy over the dress-shaped cookies.  I had a lot of fun making them, as well.  As always, the kids helped and designed their own cookies, too.