Monday, March 1, 2010

Eclectic Eve

Today, I have invited a friend and fellow blogger to share her inspiring story in her pursuit of sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Evelyn is a wife and a mother of two young kids.  Like most women, she loves dressing up which fits her perfectly well in her glamorous day job as jewelry designer.  Like most wives, she finds time to involve herself in her family’s meal by cooking dinner everyday and doing grocery shopping.  Like most moms, she also manages to personally tutor her older kid and home-schools the younger one.  However, she upped the ante for all of us wives and mothers by doing all these AND training for a triathlon! 

Impressed much? Read on and let yourself be inspired…

My husband, Aaron, started running with his cousins early 2008 and he got hooked ever since. His Sundays would start with an early race and more often I wasn’t there to support him. I’d rather sleep in and wait for him to come home to tell his story. After months of prodding, I decided give it a try. It was hard for me at first because it is so new to me, I’m more into gym, dance-aerobics etc. Aaron kept encouraging me to keep going, so I increased my distance each time I trained, and eventually, like everyone else, I’ve joined the bandwagon. It’s been more than a year since I started, and each time I join a race I still get excited! Running is definitely my new “black”.
 finishing a tri event with husband, Aaron

running the Globe Run For Home 2009

This March, I will start training for my 15km run at the “Globe Run For Home” I’m quite excited because of the different route from the usual Sunday races. I have all kinds of pumping music in my Ipod! I love powerful ‘Run and Worship’ Christian songs by Chris Tomlin, mixed with Beyonce, Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Akon, etc. Two things I love most about this sport: first, the gears!!! My cousin-in-law, Carolyn, introduced me to buy Lululemon apparel and I got addicted to it. I also got an Oakley similar to Chrissie Wellington’s shades, how I wish I can be fast like her! LOL!! When I started running more than 10km, I bought the hydration belt, earphones, Nike Band, Phiten etc.. It was a motivating factor to feel like a PRO to be wearing the gears and see myself progress in this sport. Second reason I love the sport is that it allows me to eat all the food that I want! I can eat more pasta, rice, etc., without feeling the guilt. 
 proud finisher of the Speedo Triathlon

I got badly injured last March 2009, at the Condura Run. That race, I didn’t even run a quarter of the distance when someone stepped on my rubber shoes, causing me to trip over.  I fell and cracked my canine tooth. It was that bad. The guy didn’t help me nor stayed to assist me. Thank God my teeth were also restored the same day by our family dentist. But I’ve wiped that  out that from my memory, moved on and still kept running! 
Friends asked me how I train for any event. Well, it really depends, if I sign up for Triathlon race, I will train 1-2 months ahead.  I would swim 1km minimum 2 times a week, run 7-8km once or twice a week and go to gym for spinning or drag my husband to Mall Of Asia “By the Bay” for few rounds of biking. Biking is my weakest part so I have to focus on that. One day when I’m ready to be more serious, I will buy a nice bike. 
 Happy Run with son

I am a wife, mother of 2, I have a day job, I cook everyday for the family, although I have helpers to help me I am still very hands-on in buying grocery/going to market. I tutor my kids and I was able to incorporate having a healthy lifestyle by doing sports and exercise. So If I can do it, so can all the wives and mothers out there!