Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Look Where Yummy Took Us For Lunch

I make a terrible food blogger!  Every time I make an attempt to write a post about a fabulous hole in the wall resto that we just discovered, alas, there are no food photos to go with the article!  I just happen to be the mother of the three most starved children this side of the universe. :)  Their hands dig in the moment the plate is put down.  And let's be honest here, what's a food post if there are no mouth-watering photos to match the narrative.  

Take the absence of visuals on my AmoRoma Ristorante Italiano blog post, for instance.  No amount of enticing text can stand up to a lip-smacking, delectable photograph.   The post did manage to convince a few friends to give it a try.  But I am sure a lot more people would have wanted to try it out had we not been the gluttons that we are and took a few minutes off to manage some photo op with the food. :)

When I learned that Yummy Magazine had arranged for me and my family to dine at Mr. Jones, I decided straight-away that I should do a post about this much-celebrated modern art-deco diner, if only to scrutinize if they are indeed deserving of all the exposure and hype.  I have a very poor memory (blame it on an appendectomy and three c-sections) so I had planned to photo journal everything, taking notes and photos as the meal progress.  Which would have been convenient - if I remembered to lug along the D90 with me.  

In its absence, I decided my Nokia camphone would do.  I had used it before to take photos for a blog post with satisfactory results.  So I clicked away while we waited for our orders to arrive.  The place has a retro vibe to it; highlighted by a vintage jukebox in one corner and zebra printed couches.  There are several huge cookie jars on display above the cashier stand which contain an assortment of toys typically found in your neighborhood sari-sari stores:  yo-yo's, pick-up sticks, jack stones, et al.  My kids were delighted to be offered a pick of any of the selections, and they hurriedly took it up with pleasure. 

B ordered the tomato soup, which arrived with a cheese and watercress micro-greens panini on the side.  She found the tomato too tangy for her taste, and quickly shoved the plate away.  I guess everyone found something wrong with it that after doing the rounds in our table it was left alone, which allowed me to take a photo unhurriedly.

Right about the time when the server puts the second platter on our table, an order of Truffled Mac and Cheese, six stubby hands go right in.  They loved this grown up and sophisticated version of Mac n’ Cheese with three kinds of macaroni, bacon, four cheeses, Portobello mushrooms, and with a generous drizzle of truffle oil on top.   Here is one hand reaching out for seconds, accidentally taking a swipe at my arm while I was clicking the shutter button ..... sorry for the blurry pic.

And then my camphone ran out of battery...

Still, having no photos is no excuse not to enjoy our meal, especially if it's one that we didn't have to pay for. :)  Our server was right when she said that the Tapa and Garlic Overload is one of their popular dishes.  And rightly so!  The thin slices of beef topped with crisp garlic chips was soft to the bite and very flavorful.  It is served with your preferred style of eggs, garlic rice and atchara. 

The bechamel sauce of the Melted “Old Bay” Crab and Dory Thermidor is too annoyingly creamy that it overpowered the crab and fish.  Will not order again.   

Two Dogs in Bed, 2 wienerli franks sandwiched in a hotdog bun with sauerkraut, sweet relish, fresh onions, wholegrain mustard, ketchup, jalapeno peppers.  French fries and coleslaw served on the side.  This is something that I think I can easily do at home so I am not really impressed.  The key to replicate this dish is to get the franks from a reputable delicatessen. 

For dessert, the kids agreed to get the Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Pancakes,  5 layers of  absolute goodness served with powdered sugar, candied lemon twists, whipped cream, maple syrup and whipped butter. 

The servings are true to the tradition of American diners which allows for sharing.    A free dessert is also dished up if you pay using a partner credit card.  

Just for the Truffled Mac and Cheese, this place deserves another visit!

Mr. Jones 
Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 501-3682 to 83