Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ASCOF Lagundi: All-Natural and Effective Cough Remedy

Must be due to the weather, I noticed that a lot of the kids seem to have coughs and colds.  In my own family, the kids have been suffering from coughs one after the other.  Like any other mom, I worry for them whenever they get sick, and I want them to get better at the soonest possible time.  

When my kids were younger, the pediatrician used to tell me that the best way to take out cough and phlegm is to drink a lot of fluids because water is the best mucolytic.  Now that the kids are older and have a lot more activities, getting sick can mean a not up-to-par sports performance and/or missing endurance training. 

I got a package in the mail form ASCOF Lagundi the other day, and it could not have come at a better time because at the first sign of coughing, I always give my kids ASCOF Lagundi.  Unlike other cough medicines, ASCOF Lagundi is made from all-natural lagundi leaves, which is one of the 10 herbal medicines endorsed by the Department of Health.  Lagundi is a natural, herbal medicine with proven therapeutic value.  I feel better knowing that the cough medicine I am giving my kids is effective and not loaded with chemicals which might actually do more harm than good.

It has been clinically proven effective in treating not just cough but also bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis. Moreover, the Department of Science and Technology has performed numerous studies on Lagundi – these studies have shown that Lagundi has been clinically validated to inhibit the release of leukotrienes, which makes it effective in controlling asthma, as well. Some doctors even prescribe Lagundi to assist in the treatment of asthma, as regular doses reduce the severity of asthma attacks. Aside from having no side-effects, herbal drugs are less expensive than their synthetic counterparts.

ASCOF-Lagundi is commercially available in Ponkan, Menthol, and Strawberry-flavored 60-mL and 120-mL syrup variants. It also comes in 300-mg. and Forte 600-mg. tablets.

They are also running a promo right now, giving away 200 pieces of ASCOF-Lagundi capsules to TEN winners each day from January 30 to February 14, 2012.  Go to their Facebook page to know more about their brand, and to join the promo.

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