Friday, January 27, 2012

Instagram Weekend: January 21-22, 2011

Another weekend in a blink of an eye... just like that and we are almost into the second month of the year already.  Have you made any plans for this weekend?  

We were at the Bonifacio High Street last weekend to celebrate the birthday of one of the kids' swimming team-mate.  There is a building there that houses the newly-opened Active Fun, along with some other boutique stores that all cater to children.  The kids enjoyed the tri-level area of playspace so much that they stayed from mid-afternoon up to the time the store closed at 9pm, only stopping to have dinner.

What I loved most about this branch is that the waiting area for parents is at the farthest part of the room so there is less noise, and the waiting parents can talk comfortably and hear each other without having to shout.  For parents with kids who needs more supervision, the yayas can also wait at the benches near the entrance.  There are also numerous function rooms that you can rent to celebrate your child's birthday.

A helpful reminder when you bring your kids to Active Fun:  make sure you bring socks and bottles of water.  Otherwise, you might have to end up purchasing over-priced socks and water.:)

While the kids played non-stop at Active Fun, the moms found time for some relaxation at The Spa.  It is my first time to try The Spa at Boni Hi-St.  It has the same serene and calm surrounding as their other branches, but this one strikes me as being sterile-looking, maybe because the minimalist design was taken too far.  
The service however was equal with the rest of the other branches so it is still worth a second visit.

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