Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Instagram Weekend {January 15-16, 2012}

It is already middle of January, and I have yet to get my game on.  My things to do are piling up and I definitely need more hours to my day!  We just finished a week-long fasting at my church, and a few minutes of the day spent in prayer and reading the Bible does wonders to my perspective on things.

Inspite of the hectic schedule, we should all find time for some quiet.  And for me, quiet does not always necessarily mean the absence of noise.  It can also be just taking a break for the busyness of it all, and doing something that relaxes you.  And one of the things that I look forward to is spending time with my fellow swim-parents while we wait for our kids during training.  Last Saturday was one of those days where I spent hours with these like-minded parents as we talked about anything and everything under the sun, literally.  We were at UP's Sunken Garden watching the kids took a breather from swimming; instead, they played frisbee and soccer.  We all had a pizza picnic for lunch and called it a day!
Come Sunday, the family was up very early as the three kids participated in the Grand Family Invitational Swim Meet.  The Grand Family Association is an organization formed by the local Filipino-Chinese community who share a common surname.  They come together for a variety of purposes and have activities among members, mostly to promote family pride.  So for that day, the swimmers were grouped according to surnames.  I just love the family logo that our association came up with.
It is B's first competition ever, and to have made her pool debut in Rizal's daunting 50-meter pool is a feat in itself!  She did not top the list for her age group, but she finished fourth in the 50-meter freestyle, alongside more experienced swimmers.  Naturally, I felt so proud of her for doing so well and most of all for giving it her best.

J and R took home medals, which they couldn't wait to show their Ang-kong and Ah-ma.  They were swimming for Team Ong, after all,

A swimming co-parent took everyone out for dinner after the competition, so bedtime was pushed until 10pm.  With the exhaustion from her first competition and the extended bed-time, B couldn't help but feel sleepy in class.  And so during Math class, she couldn't fight it any longer and drifted off to sleep - for the entire duration of the class.   So I asked her, "So teacher did not get mad at you for sleeping in her class?"  She moved her head from left to right repeatedly, "nope, she did not say anything.  I woke up middle of Chinese class already.Ayayay!  I probed further, "Do you mean to say teacher did not try to wake you up?" She answered, with her eyes almost in disbelief at my question, "Mommy, why would she wake me up?  Eh di ba, it's impolite to wake up a sleeping person?" Toink!

Hahaha!  Right back at me... this is my line every weekend morning when they wake me up with their noise.  Or worse, when they wake me up to ask where I kept the Ipads.  

But just so you know, and not think that the teacher doesn't care to have a student sleep through her class; her classmates took it upon themselves to explain to the teacher about her competition the day before.  And the day after the incident, she also got called to explain why she fell asleep in the class. 

Hope your weekend was as FUN!

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