Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY: Ribbon Belt

I have been baking less these past few months, and crafting more.  One of the things that I have created out of an afternoon of free time is an easy-to-do and inexpensive belt made out of ribbons. With a little creativity you can create a belt for every outfit with leftover ribbon from your craft room.

This is one project that initially started as something to expand the accessories option for the girls’ closet; as I went along, I realized that I could borrow them, too!
This is a very fun project to do with the kids, or by yourself, even if you are just a novice crafter. With a few hours of toiling, you have a new and unique addition to your wardrobe.  You can use any ribbon of your choice; I used ribbons bought from Paris, some from Carolina’s, and still some from Divisoria. Grosgrain goes well with tailored dresses and blouses, ribbons with opulent needlepoint can further enhance a bohemian outfit, funky patterns can complement a favorite daily outfit.  There are no limits to the ribbon’s material and color; you can experiment with a variety of buckles as well.

You will need:
~ Ribbon, choose a ribbon that is slightly thinner than the width of the D-Rings or buckle
~ 2 D-Rings or one decorative buckle (can be purchased at any Carolina’s store)
~ needle and thread 

All you have to do:
1.  Wrap the ribbon around your waist and overlap about 6-12 inches.  What I keep in mind when I cut my ribbons is that the waist falls differently on different type of clothing.  If worn on a dress, then the belt would sit rather close to the natural waistline; it lies much lower when worn with a low-rise skirt or pants.  Consider this when deciding on the length.  Cut the belt to length, leaving an extra inch or so to hem the ends.
2 .  Put one end of the ribbon through the D-rings. Fold and sew down.  The closer to the D rings you are able to stitch, the less movement and more secure your belt will be.
3.  Sew a line on the end of the ribbon belt to prevent frayed edges.

With a few hours of crafting and creativity, you can have a selection of low-cost yet stylish accessories to pull your favorite outfits together.

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