Wednesday, June 6, 2012

HeadWare Love

During the start of summer, I was given some HeadWare products to sample, and my kids were more than willing to use them as they engaged in various activities. J finds good use for it during swim meets, to keep hair off her face as she waits for her turn in between heats...

...and later on as a bandana when the mid-day sun proved too hot to bear.

Still, we found another good use for it - to hold an ice-pack when she sprained her ankle...

They gave me 3 designs, perfect for each of my three kids.  J loved that hers came in her favorite color purple, while B found the doodle print super cute, and R just loved wearing his Spidey mask.:)

Established in 2010, Headware develops functional and useful products that allow people to enjoy to the fullest the active life they seek. Their first creation, the Basic Headware, is a multipurpose seamless tube that has more than twenty uses for a deceptively simple-looking product. The Basic Headware has amassed a vast following from the sports, adventure and travel communities.

Headware® adds another accessory to their arsenal of essential products, the Loop Scarf. The latest innovation in fashion and travel accessories utilizes the signature multipurpose lifestyle that Headware® has established.

The Loop Scarf, like Headware®’s previous creations, is stretchable, breathable, all-purpose, tubular and still seamless.  This piece allows you to enjoy travelling in warm and cold climates as the lightweight material helps protect you from intense rays of the sun as well as keep you warm in colder temperatures. With its usefulness, the Loop Scarf is a travel-must-have whether for short trips or long term travel traversing continents.

The versatile scarf scores points in the fashion department as well. Scarves have the ability to transform an outfit from ordinary to exceptional. Add a pop of color to ensemble by choosing a bright hue. For cool night outs, the Loop Scarf works as a bolero perfect for any outfit.  For the more adventures types, the Loop Scarf can even be used as a top together with other accessories.

The Loop Scarf (P690) can be worn as a bolero, double loop scarf, shoulder shawl, single loop scarf, head scarf and in as many uses as the imagination can think of. It comes in Black, Grey, Beige, Brown, Teal, Purple, Plum, Red and will be available starting June at ROX, Moana, The Travel Club, Lonely Planet and Planet Sports.

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