Friday, August 3, 2012

Phenomenal Tip: Home Organization

Our homes should inspire us.  It is the place we come home to everyday to rest, to relax and enjoy the company of our loved ones. An organized home makes for a happy home.  

Ultimately, my effort to be organized is for the purpose of being an intentional role model for my kids.  And that is why in my home, organization is a never-ending process.  I know the benefits of being organized and I want my kids to benefit from it, too.  I want to model for them how organization can make them more efficient and productive.  Hopefully, they will take their cues from me as they see me practice what I preach.

Here are some of the things I do to keep our home organized:

1.  I like keeping my pantry and refrigerator/freezer items coraled in same-category containers

 2. I maintain the neatness and tidiness of kids' study area by giving each kid a big, personalized box to put all school related materials. 

3.  To encourage my kids to do self-initiated art projects, art materials are organized in a mobile art cabinet, which can be rolled into any room with ease. 

4.  A closet with a strong organizational system helps everyone along.  Because all our wardrobe closet and shelves are labeled properly, and small items are coraled in containers, our weekday mornings are relatively quiet even as I occasionally hurry the kids to get out of the door on time.  There is no mad rush for that missing sock, uniform or what have you.

5.  My kids' clothes are segregated using the dot technique, an organization solution that can grow with the family!
Read this to know more why the dot-system is THE star of my kids' organized closet.

Being an organized mom leads to having more time for myself, doing the things I actually want to do like catching up on my reading, giving myself a pedi... or organize some more.