Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nihonbashi Tei

We had our usual Sunday lunch at Nihonbashi Tei in Makati.  I can't remember the last time I ate here, but I know it was a long time ago, maybe around 3 years back.  The place looks exactly the way it did the last time we visited.  The place was already packed with diners by the time we got there at close to 12 noon, and it's a good thing we were able to get a function room, away from all the diners.

Whenever we eat at Japanese restaurants, my kids always order the california maki.  This plate is already half-eaten as the kids devoured the sushi rolls as soon as it was placed on the table.

The spicy salmon sashimi is not really that spicy. It's thinly-slivered marinated salmon on a bed of sushi rolls, topped with crunchy tempura crumbs. 

The takoyaki is forgettable. I found the bits of minced octopus rubbery and hard to chew.  

The salmon onigiri came with the bento lunch set; and while not spectacular, was able to satiate hungry tummies.

We ordered the chasho shoyu ramen (shown below) for the kids to share and the shrimp tempura ramen for C and I to share, (no photo of the shrimp tempura ramen because C finished off before I could take a photo.)  He saved some for me in a small bowl; but I thought the tempura batter was overwhelmingly thick, and made the shrimp look smaller that it already is.

C loves sashimis, and he usually orders salmon and hamachi.  We were initially happy to see that the price of the hamachi sashimi was not as high as other Japanese restaurants; but we were disappointed when the hamachi came, for it was not as fresh as we would've wanted it.  Probably because it was not a very fast moving item because of its price point.  

The Asari clams could be better.  The buttery sauce was a bit bland, but nothing that fresh clams couldn't make up for.

The kids love the beef teppan, but I didn't get to taste it.

There's a wall full of Japanese beers and liquors right in front of our private room, but surprisingly C didn't order any.

I found the quality of the food suffered compared to the last time we ate here.  While the food was not bad, it failed to impress.  Maybe it was because it was a busy Sunday lunch, and the kitchen found itself overwhelmed.  Still, everything on the menu is affordable and the staff is efficient and friendly.
Overall, a place to go if you want fast service, affordable and decent food.

Nihonbashi-tei Makati
806 Arnaiz Avenue, Pasay Road, Makati City, Metro Manila. Philippines. 
Tel: +632-818-8893

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