Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Family Photo Shoot at The Picture Company + FREE Family PortraitSession!

Growing up, one of my dad's favorite thing to do during the holidays was to gather everyone in front of the Christmas tree for our annual family photo. He'd set up his SLR on a tripod and put it on self-timer mode. My parents would then send out this holiday photo cards complete with greetings to their friends.

Even if I love taking photos, I did not carry on with this tradition on to my own family. There are several occasions where I bravely took on the role of the family photographer, and let me just say that it is a task that is not for the faint-hearted.:)

So when The Picture Company invited me to come in for a family portrait shoot, I immediately said yes!  If you want a nice family picture to treasure, but none of the hassle, then I suggest you go to a professional studio like The Picture Company.

The Picture Company is good at what they do that all you and your family really have to do is just show up at any of their stores.  We chose The Picture Company in Boni High Street for our photo shoot as it is one of the branches which offers outdoor shoots.  We booked an indoor shoot in the morning, had lunch within the area, and came back at 2:30pm for our outdoor session.

All the branches have their own set of costumes and props, but since my kids are old already, we did not make use of any of them.   But we did come to the portrait session with our own props and outfit change.  Since my kids are all competitive swimmers, I thought it would be a good idea to capture this in the photo shoot.  The li'l man also brought along some of his collection of Lego mini-figures.
Our photographer, Eva, had such a lively personality that she made all the kids comfortable and at ease. She even called me up a week before our portrait session to ask about the kids' personalities, and she sent me an email a few days after with mood boards of what to wear, suggested poses, props to bring, etc.  And she even managed to get The Phenomenal Papa, who doesn't really like posing in front of the camera, to smile and pose.  

I also just want to thank my husband for being a really good sport about this, because we were practically at the BGC the whole day for the indoor and outdoor portrait session.  He had to playfully remind me that day, "I am only doing this photo shoot to show you I love you.  I hope you know this is practically a sacrifice on my part; please remember that the next time I do something to upset you."  Hahaha!

Since the shoot was on a Sunday, he was also concerned about the people traffic during the outdoor shoot.  But there was nothing to worry about, because these people know what they are doing.  Eva took us to a secluded spot in BGC where there are a lot of greenery and none of the Sunday crowd.

While Eva was busy taking solo shots of the girls, the boys are busy setting up the minifigs...

I can't wait to see our photos and choose which ones to print out.  Aside from the enlarged prints, we will also be getting personalized photo cards and gift tags!  Perfect for giving away to family and friends this Christmas season!

To all my readers, The Picture Company also wants you to have the same FUN experience like my family had!  They are offering a FREE Family Portrait Session for all of you! 

  1. Call any of the branches to set an appointment
  2. Print a copy or take a screenshot and present in the store before your session.
  3. And remember, promo is valid only until Decemebr 15, 2013!  So call the nearest branch and book now!

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