Monday, May 19, 2014

Me and Dad Camp 2014 {Year 3}

It's been awhile since C took the kids camping. The last one was in 2010, 4 years ago already! Has it really been that long? This year, C bravely took on the challenge of bringing ALL three kids to camp. I was hesitant because I feel like three kids could overwhelm him. But he is confident he can take it on!  It's his third time to go camping, after all. Do you think the third time's the charm?  hahaha!

Seems like it was just yesterday when C first took our eldest camping - a first for both of them. It was the type of camping trip where they had to set-up their tents and sleeping bags. It didn't exactly turn out that well since it rained on their camping day..."They returned to their tent late afternoon to take a rest from the afternoon's activities, only to find that the rain had found a way inside their "water-proof" tent. Everything was soaking wet. From the sleeping bags that they attentively laid out, to the shirts, toiletries and cooking/grilling utensils..." click here to read more about their first camping trip. 

The second time around was better, because it did not involve sleeping in tents... " The facilitators prepared a survival training course patterned after the TV show, Survival. As with the TV show, the teams competed against each other for luxuries; in this case, sleeping accommodations. Housing was dependent on how the teams fared in the challenges. Accommodations were a choice of either a cottage (with single beds and an ensuite bathroom) or a cabin (where sleeping is tatami style)..." click here to read more about their second camping trip.

This year's camping trip is an upgrade from the previous years... and could qualify as "glamping" (glamour camping).  Look at the facility of the CCF, Mt Makiling Re-Creation Center in Sto Tomas, Batangas.
All 5 photos below are from the CCF Mt. Makiling Re-Creation Center FB page.

The restaurant within the facility will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner... buffet style!
 The infinity pool which is free for all the campers to use
 The bedroom which is good for 5 people.  The photo below shows the left side of the room
 And this one shows the rights side of the room.
C said that this camping trip was relatively easy because their camp schedule allowed for several free time in between camp activities.  He was given time to talk with the kids, and the kids also wrote him letters which warmed his heart.

There were also a lot of activities to meet, talk and learn from other fathers.

Look at this video their dad took of them.  And what do they do during free time at#MeAndDadCamp? Nothing else but #swim #tumbleand #dive!

On the other hand, I realized while they were all gone that silence can indeed be deafening.  I missed the noise of the kids!  Mornings were bearable because I used the time to relax and read in bed... Imagine being in my PJs till lunch! After being a mom for 15 years, I forgot how it was like to not worry about anyone else except myself.  But for those 2 days, I realized that not being responsible for anyone else is uncomplicated, but it was a lonely life.  Enough of the silence,  I welcome back the crazies!!!