Thursday, June 26, 2014

Betty VS Veronica

R and one of his sisters were on the dining table after breakfast a few days ago.  As usual he was reading Archie, and his sister was on her iPhone.  From nowhere, his sister asked him, "who do you like better, Betty or Veronica?"

Which took a long and really insightful reply from him... yung talagang pinag-isipan ha. :)

I eavesdropped on the conversation...

"Hmmmm," it took him some time to answer.  "Veronica is prettier than Betty!" True to form answer because boys are really visual beings.

But he continued, "Betty is not as pretty... but she doesn't go shopping that often."  This is because this is a boy who absolutely hates going around malls with me and his sisters.  He is like his dad - they go to the mall knowing what to buy, go straight to the store to buy the item, and leave the mall immediately after buying.  Uh, where is the fun  in that?

He seems lost in his own thoughts, "Betty knows how to cook... and she is kinder to Archie, and if Archie makes mistakes she doesn't get mad at him. "  He pause before he makes his conclusion, " I think I like Betty better!"

His sister beams with pride, "Wow, R!  You know how to choose the right qualities for your future wife na pala!"  And she can't wait to share the good news, "Ma!  Ma! You don't have to worry about R choosing his wife na . . ."

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