Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I just noticed that my kids are getting online more frequently to do research for homeworks and school projects. They are also often asking permission to go meet with group-mates for projects. For my own peace of mind, I prefer that they carry their own smart phone (of course, hand-me-downs lang of their dad's) so I can reach them anytime I want to get updates on their schedules and whereabouts.

When I saw that PLDT HOME introduced heyÜ, a locally designed communication app specifically created for the digitally active Filipino family to stay connected.  I knew that this is something worth looking into.  
  • heyÜ uses the wide network of PLDT to ensure clear, quality, and consistent connections for its subscribers. 
  • Voice calls to and from other heyÜ subscribers, and to all PLDT landlines nationwide are free and unlimited. heyÜ allows subscribers to FREE & Unlimited heyÜ to PLDT landlines nationwide (and vice versa)
  • heyÜ, a VoIP (voice-over-internet protocol) service which allows PLDT’s customers to stay even more connected with friends and family by letting existing subscribers link their telephone accounts and make calls through the internet at very low rates.
We are already existing subscribers of PLDT HOME DSL, and the fast and reliable internet connection have allowed my family to have all our gadgets connected to the internet simultaneously.  All I have to do to avail of the full suite of features—from free and unlimited voice and video calls to hilariously cute stickers— is to just pay P100/month. Sulit na, diba?

Say hello to fun new ways to connect with the family!
HeyÜ was created to address the various communication needs of every family member, everyone from mom and dad to the kids will find the app relevant, entertaining, and a whole lot of fun.

Mom can can use heyÜ to check up on the kids for free or she can catch up with friends and relatives abroad with the low IDD call rates of heyÜ. IDD calls or as low as P1.50/min. to U.S.A. Mainland, Canada & Hawaii.

Dad can easily make and receive calls from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. The heyÜ app allows subscribers to: 
- free & unlimited heyÜ to heyÜ calls

- free & unlimited heyÜ to PLDT landlines nationwide (and vice versa), even through an Android device, as long as the call is made from the heyÜ app.

Kuya and Ate can use the group chat feature to talk about anything from bonding plans with their barkada to their favorite shows.  heyÜ offers calls to Smart, Sun, and Talk n’ Text numbers for a minimum fee of PhP5.00 per minute, compared to the P14.00 per minute if you are to dial from your landline. 

The young kids will definitely find the app most convenient when connecting with their parents and older siblings. In the heyÜ Sticker Market, subscribers can choose from a wide range of unique and quirky stickers and emojis to download. Audio stickers are also available for times when you want your stickers to say your messages for you.
***For just an additional P100/month, existing subscribers can get a heyÜ account and enjoy the above-mentioned features.

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Hop over to PLDT’s website to learn more and register on heyÜ.
1. Simply download the app and tap the “REGISTER” button.
2. You will be prompted to input your account details, including your PLDT Account Number.
3. Upon completing the form and account verification, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your login
4. Launch the heyÜ app and enter the username and password e-mailed to you to get started.

Log on to http://pldthome.com/heyu for more information.
Promo mechanics can be found at http://pldthome.com/heyu/heyu-promo