Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nordstrom + Metallic SaltWater Sandals

My Li'l Girl, B loves Saltwater sandals ever since she got her first pair as a gift several years ago.  Since then, she has always had one at any given time, and it is always her most worn pair of footwear.  She loves it because it is comfortable, and it seems like she is just wearing slippers daw.  While I love it because it is cost-effective for me. Kids her age usually change shoe-size as fast as 6 months.  But since it is an open-toed sandal,  it gives a liberal allowance for shoe-size change.  We can extend changing her Saltwater by 6 months to one year.

J, on the other hand, is not really a sandal type of girl.  Maybe because she has such big feet... usually running from size 8-9. She has this mistaken notion that sandals are for dainty feet only.  I've always tried to convince her otherwise.  Look at this model rocking her Saltwater sandals.
But lately, she had a change of heart, and has been in love with Saltwater sandals!  She asked me to buy her a pair - the metallic multi-colored ones.  She saw them while we were at Pinterest, and she immediately pinned this to her board.  It's on her Christmas wish list!
Well, after seeing them, they are on mine, too!!!  While she has the gold-tan-brown combo (first photo) on the top of her list, I prefer the gold-silver combo.  We've searched locally for these limited designs, and couldn't find any available.

December will soon be upon us, and I already dread the traffic that the holiday season brings.  I will be doing most of my Christmas shopping for the kids online this year.  Nordstrom is one of the stores that I regularly check out online.  Nordstrom is one of the largest fashion retailers in the US, and its stores anchor most of the upscale malls stateside.  It also has a great online presence, which is made even better because I get additional savings when I use a Nordstrom Coupon.  I get free shipping and additional discounts on name brand items. Winner!

I just simply shop and have everything delivered to my forwarder in the US, and they consolidate all my purchases for me.  When my box is full, the forwarding company sends out my box, and I get in Manila in a few weeks.

So convenient for this mama! I am usually busy managing my home, picking up the kids, cooking dinner. Shopping online allows me to do something I enjoy, which is shopping, without cutting into the necessary things I have to do.  Shop na!