Monday, September 29, 2014

{Wishful Thinking} Oxfords

My eldest daughter has definitely found her fashion voice early on.  Her style is androgynous and sometimes nautical, but always comfortable. Such a relief for me that she doesn't like wearing skimpy clothes that are so common among girls her age because they restrict her movement.

The photo below shows our typical weekend garb.
I noticed that she currently has several pair of oxfords... which I've been meaning to borrow.  But I can't because we don't share the same shoe size.  Naiwan na nya ako!  I've tried everything.. cork, socks, double socks, thick athletic socks... sobrang trying hard na, ayaw talaga! hahaha!

I've had some free time last week, so I went to Pinterest.  I originally wanted to search for ideas on how to wear oxfords for women my age.  But, instead, I found a lot of images of Taylor Swift.  Now, my daughters are Swifties, so I know this post will just make me the best mom ever again in their eyes!:)

But other than Taylor Swift, I also found lots of photos of women with toned legs wearing short skirts with their oxfords.  While I certainly cannot get away with this anymore, I am sure my daughter will find the photos inspiring.

As for me, I persevered to search for a peg that is realistic for me... Success with these photos below!

I just love everything in this photo... the distressed boyfriend jeans, the blazer... everything!

I also adore this white denim and cognac colored oxfords shown below
all images except the first two via Pinterest

How about you?  Which one is your favorite look?