Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ways To Wear Breton Stripes ... And of Birthdays & Biblical Beauty

I noticed that my J's wardrobe lately has been full of basic and androgynous shoes.  Oxfords in brown, black and tan.  Converse sneakers in white, black and charcoal. Those shoes  and Breton shirts, denim cut-offs, skater skirts and origami skorts. Those are her weekend staples.

Her dressing style is casual, simple and practical.  And most of all, NOT skimpy!  Her choice of clothing still has enough fabric to cover ALL the essentials. I am sure for most parents, that makes the perfect style & fashion sense of all!!!

She has also grown so tall over the past year, that she towers over me now.  I am happy that she can now raid my closet... and vice versa!  In the photo below, she wears my brown gingham Max Mara skirt, vintage circa early 1990's, when I was still a Makati banker.  Eeep!  Close to 2 decades na, my age is showing! hahaha! But take that out of the way, for I consider it an honor of the highest order when my teenager rummages through my wardrobe for something that she could borrow.

Her complete outfit

Now that she is about to turn 14... Yikes, did I really just type in 14!?!? Most days, I still can't believe I have a teenager, parang she's still just a baby.:)

I think most teens pass through an awkward stage, where nothing seems to be right.  She complains about her weight, and cannot resist the chance to step on the scale almost everyday as soon as she wakes up.  I always remind her that she has an athletic built, and muscles are heavier than fats. She dislikes her legs, while I tell her I'd do anything to have her toned legs. Whenever we see a super skinny girl, she always wishes she were one. I always tell her she is crazy for wishing to be a waif because she looks so beautifully fit. She took after her dad (who stands tall at 6 feet), so it is really in her genes to be an Amazona.  So Achi, I know you are going to read this:  do know that while you look at yourself and see your imaginary flaws, I see you for who you really are - A beautiful girl - inside and out.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

 {The Little Prince }
written by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Like a typical teen, she complains about almost everything about her looks.  But for me, I look at her, and I am like, "ha???  you don't have to worry about anything!  Did you see how I looked like when I was 14? I was THE walking awkward poster-girl!"

She likes to contemplate about her future. She wants a career in the arts, and we are encouraging her interest in the direction of digital illustration and graphic design.  Going to an Australian university seems to be the top thing on her mind right now, even if it is years away.  I don't know why Australia, though...  I just tell her to work on her goals starting right now.  To just keep on doing her best, and constantly pray that God will guide her to where He wants her to go.  Her dad and I remind her, that God will open doors and windows for her that no man can close... if her direction is in accordance with His plans for her.

Seriously, Achi, if you are doing all these brilliant stuff at 13, just wait at what's in store for you when you are in your 20's! Listen to your Mama, when I tell you, "You are definitely going places!"

We also remind her that while taking care of our appearance is important and a part of hygiene and grooming, it is also essential to nurture the character of her heart.  God would rather see women work on becoming beautiful on the inside — the kind of beauty that lasts forever.

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, 
such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 
Rather, it should be that of your inner self,
 the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

1 Peter 3:3-4

Meanwhile, in a true stage-momma fashion, I am posting some more of her photos... Indulge me na lang! :)

Here are some photos which I grabbed from her Instagram account:

One of the very few times that she is wearing ballet flats.  She loves Yosi Samra for comfort.  I love it because the garters of the shoes allows flexibility of foot size, and we don't have to buy so many pairs. Share na lang kami, but the shoe is kinda loose for me. I don't mind, if it means I don't have to spend for another pair for her. tee-hee!

Our first #OOTD photo where I realized that this girl towers over me already. Literally My BIG Girl!!!

She loves nautical blue and white stripes, and her closet is full of Breton shirts in all shapes and sizes!
We have our mother-daughter poses down cold!

Here we are doing our own version of  inter-generational stripes.

I love how she styles her clothes!  She can mix and match her outfits, and add something else to the mix to transform her look.  In the photos below, it is basically the same outfit, but she just added a chambray button down on the second photo.

This is an #OOTD post that is actually a cover for her BIRTHDAY post!!! 
HAPPY 14th, J! 
She is a very private person and doesn't really like any attention on herself. But I couldn't resist. teehee! 
She is growing up so fast, that I have to record how she is like now, 
so that we both have something to look back on, di ba?
- - -   * * * - - -
... and as a post script,

A few weeks ago, I saw photos of restrained style in the digital pages of The Huffington Post.  They remind me of how my J dress up. The designer, Ji Oh, shares that her philosophy is to design something that every girl can wear with flats as well.  Amen to that.

When asked to Describe the girl she is designing for: Somebody who wouldn't dress up much but is always stylish. [They] aren't necessarily looking stunning all the time and wearing heels -- more quietly impressive.  
Seems to me she could also be possibly be talking about my J in a few years' time. (Wink!)