Friday, September 26, 2014

Teacher's Appreciation Gift: Personalized Gift Tags

I do not send my kids to a tutor after school; rather, I have chosen to personally help my kids with their homework and help them review for their quizzes. I started this the moment they stepped into big school because I wanted to train them to study on their own eventually.

It's not easy to teach young kids since they cannot keep their focus for long periods of time.  When they were younger, our tutor session were a big source of frustration on my part, especially since I had several to tutor.  Over time, the kids needed less supervision as they were able to adapt and maintain the study habits. For now, I am just helping my youngest, and my other kids can manage on their own with very good results.

I make sure during Teacher's Appreciation Day my kids come to school bearing tokens for their teachers... because I know it's not easy to be a teacher.  I do not really like to give extravagant gifts, but instead I always let the kids bring something we did with our own hands... something thoughtful and handmade!
I am intentional in training the kids that the best gifts we can give is something that involves OUR creativity and time.  I usually give something that I made in the kitchen, and let the kids wrap them. The gift tags we used are also something that I personally did in Photoshop. Here are some of the gifts we've given their teachers through the years:

Home-baked Cookies and Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

Home-made Triple Chocolate Cookies and Lipton Milk Tea.

Home-made Banana Muffins and Lipton Milk Tea.

For this year, I thought I'd take some time off from the kitchen, and design personalized gift tags for all their teachers. I am always so busy in the kitchen that I haven't found time to tinker with Photoshop lately.  I figured this Teacher's Appreciation Day gifts would be a good excuse to indulge my design cravings.

Also, every year, the tags get as much attention as the gifts, or even more... teachers always tell my kids that the personalized tags are so cute. So I just thought why not let the gift tags be THE gift instead!:)

I did this in Photoshop, and sent it to the printers to have them printed out.

 I love them so much that I am thinking of doing some more for my own family.  We always run out of gift tags because of the number of friends my kids have to give gifts to.  It's never a bad idea to have some spare on stand-by.

One more photo because I can't stop looking at them.:) teehee!