Monday, October 27, 2014

{Phenomenal Tip}: How to DIY A Luke Skywalker Costume... On A Budget!

As you may very well know, my family is not really big on Halloween. I do not really prepare costumes for the kids, not unless they are invited by friends to go trick or treating, then we make an easy DIY costume of their choice.  It just so happened that this year, my son's school required their grade level to dress up as their favorite "abstract noun" for the "Jazz Up Your WORDrobe Literacy Parade," which coincided with Halloween.
If there's anything that my son is crazy about right now, it is his love for Legos and Star Wars.  My son naturally decided that he wanted to go as Luke Skywalker.  And now while he is a big Star Wars fan, I am not, and had to go to Pinterest to search for a simple DIY Luke Skywalker costume.

I am intentional that my kids see how we can create wonderful things with materials that are already in our house, using a little creativity and some effort. This is one costume that is so easy to make and came out very cheap, too!  If you are still looking for ideas for a Halloween costume, then this could be the one for you... easy and cheap!  I don't know what else to say to convince you!:)

I know that Luke Skywalker is the Jedi hero in the Star Wars movies. However, I did not know that he had many looks throughout the course of the trilogy, and that the color of his light saber meant something, too. For me, Luke's most recognizable costume is the white and khaki colored one.

Anyhow, he was specific that the color of his light saber should be blue.  Horrors! I initially wanted to use a red masking tape for his light saber, but he educated me on the world of Star Wars... kay Darth Vadar pala yung red!

Jedi Padawan Costume How-To
What I used for the Jedi costume:
1. white robe or a taekwondo/karate uniform
2. slim cut khaki pants
3. khaki colored belt (borrowed from my closet)
4. khaki or cream colored shoes (we used his khaki colored Sanuks)

Jedi Light Saber How-To:
What I used for the Light Saber:
1. a pool noodle (can be bought at any toy store for less than a P100)
2. tissue paper cardboard roll
3. colored masking tape
4. black electrical tape

As you can see from the photo above, our pool noodle came in the shape of a sword, instead of the usual round one like the one in this tutorial right here. My Star Wars aficionado will not allow me to make a Light Saber that is not cyclindrical because "it's not a Light Saber anymore if it's not cylindrical!" Fine then!

So I just took several tissue cardboard rolls and taped them together and inserted the pool noodle inside it, leaving just a few inches for the handle.

Buy colored masking tape in green or blue (blue for this costume; green when using the all-black Jedi costume).

There you go!