Friday, June 5, 2015

Beatrix NY + Dwell Studio

My kids are always excited to go back to school; not because they really love studying, but because they love to go back-to-school shopping. My girls always look forward to buying pens, notebooks, highlighters... all those things that they fill their pencil cases with. My girls have already outgrown their trolley bags, so they both bought themselves nice backpacks this year. (Insert ink) While my son’s school has issued strict requirements for his school bag. 

But as for me, I miss back to school shopping for little kids! Have you even seen the bags that BeatrixNY carries? So cute!

I was invited by my friends from Quirks Marketing Philippines, the husband and wife tandem of  Oli and Louren Sy, to an intimate launch at the Aruga by Rockwell. We were introduced to Beatrix New York over good food and wine.  Quirks Mareketing is also the exclusive distributor of Dwell Studio, and so we also got dibs on marked-down Dwell Studio items, and even got to preview the 2015 collection which will come out in stores this July 2015.

Beatrix NY

Beatrix NY is a New York City based company devoted to creating cool, contemporary stuff for kids. Our products combine a childlike love of whimsy and imagination with a grown- up sense of modern design and style. You’ll find our adorable characters and colorful graphics on products designed with a focus on simplicity, quality, & fun. We try to design products that kids will love and manufacture them so the love lasts. {via }

Beatrix New York makes cute and cool lunchboxes, backpacks and wheelie travel bags for stylish kids on the go. Eco-friendly, safe (PVC free & lead free), the bags are constructed from durable nylon and easy–to-clean laminated canvas, and are designed to absorb the wear and tear of daily adventures.

Decorated with adorable characters including Penelope the Octopus, Percival the Dinosaur, and Alexander the Robot, these lunchboxes and backpacks are made to be flaunted.

Penelope the Octopus is my daughter's favorite character in the Beatrix NY line. It's mine, too! Ang cute naman kase talaga.

Celebrity parents and their kids are often spotted carrying Beatrix. Beatrix NY’s celebrity following includes Halle Berry, The Beckhams, Katie Holmes, Meg Ryan, and Maggie Gyllenhall.

Features that I love about the BeatrixNY lunchboxes:
1. Attractive design in eye-catching-contrasting colors
2. Constructed from durable heavy-duty nylon and easy–to-clean laminated canvas
3. The design doesn't take off easily because it is embroidered on to the bag.
4. Easy to clean because they are machine washable
5. Insulated to keep food fresh until lunch time.

Beatrix NY products are sold around the world at hundreds of high-end boutiques and department stores. Luckily for us, Oli and Louren brought Beatrix to Manila, and we can shop for these cuties at Rustans and Hamley's.

Dwell Studio

Many of you might have already heard of Dwell Studio. They have the most attractive bedding sets - the designs are very hip and urban!  They also carry items for babies and kids.

When I visited their pop-up event, one unit of Aruga by Rockwell was converted into a Dwell Studio wanderland.

But what caught my eye was this set from the 2015 collection. I wasn't able to take an actual photo from the Aruga set-up, but this one from the Dwell Studio webpage made me swoon again.

Another look at it...

It was intimate shopping event for friends, and my friends and I enjoyed the spread of food, wine and the cupcakes.

Look! Even the cupcakes gor the memo to come in Beatrix NY characters! 

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