Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hi-Precision Diagnostics + Panorama Pre-Natal Screening

About a few weeks ago, Hi-Precision Diagnostics invited me and a group of other mom bloggers for a sumptuous lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Chef Jessie. Hi-Precision is the same laboratory who did my Food Intolerance Test earlier this year, and they are launching a revolutionary prenatal screening that is non-invasive, meaning no needle will be poked through the belly.

My tablemates and I enjoying the spread of food, while listening to the speakers.

Tuna Tartare in Wasabi Vinaigrette Dressing

Creamy Ratatoiulle

Pan-fried Apahap Fillet in Genobloise Sauce

Princess Carmen, the signature dessert of Chef Jessie

While we were all enjoying the food on our table, these 4 women were enlightening us on the wisdom of being proactive parents.

Proactive parenting calls for long-term thinking which is essentially getting ready today for tomorrow's issues and concerns in order to manage them in the best possible way. Nothing speaks more of proactive parenting than prenatal screening.

 Panorama™ Prenatal Screen

Hi-Precision just launched it's newest non-invasive pre-natal screening called Panorama™ Prenatal Screen. Panorama™ is a DNA screening test that can tell you important information about your pregnancy. You can find out if your baby is at risk for having Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities.

In a nutshell, the Panorama™ Prenatal Screen:
1. Screens for genetic abnormalities
2. Determines the sex of your baby
3. Done in a single, in-office visit
4. Brings no risk to your baby

Hi-Precision Diagnostic's Panorama™ Prenatal Screen is a non-invasive DNA screening test, which gives essential genetic information about your baby as early as nine weeks into your pregnancy. By knowing the state of your child’s health and gender as early as possible, you can better prepare for your child’s future. 
Whether you're a first-time mom of 24 or a mom of four expecting another baby, the Panorama Prenatal Screen is for you. By providing a sample of your blood, you will not only know your baby's gender, you will also find out his likelihood of having a chromosomal condition. Babies born to mothers over 35 years old have a higher chance of having certain chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome and Angelman Syndrome.
However, it is good to note that certain biological conditions affect women of all ages. A screen test can help determine your baby’s risk of being affected with a specific chromosome condition regardless of age, family issues, or medical history.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics: 

With close to two decades of experience, HPD offers the largest network of medical examination and diagnostic facilities in the Philippines. It has over 20 branches in Manila and Cebu with a workforce of more than a thousand.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics offers a comprehensive range of medical tests, some of which are not available anywhere else in the country. Its laboratory exams are fully automated, decreasing the risk of human error. HPD offers X-Ray, ECG, 2D Echo with Doppler, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, and Drug Testing services.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics is the first medical laboratory in the country to give its patients online access to their laboratory results in a secure platform. I find this so convenient since we can now just view the results online, and not retrieve physically.  The app and webpage lets patients access their laboratory information for free, they may also download it in PDF form. Such convenience.

The customary group photo: Tin of Manila Fashion Observer, Janice of Mommy Mundo, 
Pam of GreenLunchDiaries, Jacki of GoJackieGo, 
Mel Ongsue-Lee, VP of Marketing of Hi-Precision diagnostics, and ME.

To know more about Hi Precision Diagnostics and the Panorama Pre-Natal Screening