Sunday, May 8, 2016

The One Baby Item I Couldn't Live Without: La-Z-Boy

I had my kids in fast succession, especially my two younger ones.

The good thing about having kids so close together in age is that I was in continuous baby mode. After all, how many times do you really want to baby-proof your house or shop for the latest car seat or high chair or breast pump?

Eeeeep! 3 kids - all under 5 years old.
Circa June 2005 when my kids were 4 years old, 2 years old and 9 months old. 

I remember when I had my youngest one baptized at Mary The Queen, the baptizing priest commented, "You are so brave to have three little ones." Uhm, okay, Father... 

It was a circus those days! There were days when it seemed like they were coordinating their tantrums and whiny spells.

The long restless nights and the never ending feeding sessions demanded something comfortable for Mommy, Daddy and yaya. Our La-Z-Boy rocker was one of the most used items when the kids were young - it was where I fed my babies, where the yaya rocked them to sleep, where I slept with them on my chest when they didn't want to be put down...

It is the best because it is heavily cushioned to prevent back pains, 
it has arm rests for more comfort during feeding.

I seriously don't know how if I would have survived those days without a comfortable rocker and recliner like La-Z-Boy

I shudder when I remember how it was when they were teething and wanted to be rocked and held all night. They would suddenly wake up and cry the moment they were put down on the crib. Buti na lang the yaya and I can just recline the chair and I can even allow myself to nap for a short time without having to worry about dropping the baby. Horrors! 

During those days, we covered our La-Z-Boy with a flat sheet, which we changed every other day. I know, lumalabas ang OC tendencies ko! Please don't judge me. hahaha! The cover also served to protect the La-Z-Boy from accidental baby spit-outs/vomit.

 Sorry for my tired and manas face, this was taken just days after coming back home from the hospital after a CS birth with baby number 2

Fast forward to now that I have teens already, the La-Z-Boy is making a comeback tour.

It is where my kids lounge on lazy days when they just want to Snapchat with friends all day.

They especially love it when they have to squeeze themselves trying to fit in the chair. Dapat talaga magsiksikan, otherwise it's not fun for them. The more the merrier!

As for me, I enjoy sitting on it to relax after a tiring day. I put up the foot rest and sit on it while I'm finishing up a blog post, or I can also recline it while catching up with my social media accounts.

I promise it's a purchase that you won't regret!

La-Z-Boy is available at all BLIMS showrooms ( and La-Z-Boy Gallery (Interior Zone SM North EDSA, SM Mega Mall, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Shangrila Mall, Doña Concepcion Bldg. Arnaiz Makati, San Sebastian)

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