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My Honestbee Experience | Online Concierge & Delivery Service

A few weeks ago, Honestbee invited me to an intimate lunch to share the good news of its newest partnership with S&R Membership Shopping.
Honestbee, Asia’s leading online concierge and delivery service, helps you shop for groceries and basic household needs in the comfort of your own home, with its all-in-one, easy-to-use platform. 
Launched in the Philippines in 2017, honestbee gathers all the best products around in one marketplace, and gets it to you on time, all the time.

Such beautiful table arrangement for us moms

Adding to its extensive lineup of services, honestbee launched its partnership with S&R Membership Shopping. This means giving everyone shopping access usually limited to S&R members, from fresh produce, high-quality wines and spirits, and other world-class products. Even their famous New York style pizza, chicken and churros through the honestbee app.

I enjoy events where I am also with mom blogger friends. It's a good tie to learn about a new service and catch up with these ladies.

It's never too early for sangria for these moms!

I usually enjoy doing the groceries when I am not in a rush. Even when traveling abroad, I make it a point to visit the local grocery and market to shop for new food and pantry discoveries. Scouring through the aisle one by one is enjoyable, but it only brings pleasure when I have the time to spare.

Of course, for busy moms, time is a luxury we almost never have. There are so many things to do in a day that grocery shopping is usually a grab-and-go experience. Head straight to get items on the grocery list, queue to pay, navigate the traffic congested roads on the way home. 

It takes me a minimum of one hour and a half to do my grocery shopping: 10 minutes to drive to grocery, another 10 minutes to look for parking, an hour to go around and pick up my items, 15 minutes to pay, another 10 minutes to drive home.

When I learned more about honestbee, I was excited to give it a try. Imagine the convenience of online grocery shopping: I can just sit and click through the honestbee app and search for what I need, all while being in my pambahay, check out the items in my virtual cart and wait for my orders to arrive right at my doorstep!

 Their trained in-store concierge shopper bees ensure items in your shopping cart are carefully handpicked, in good condition, and with suitable expiration dates. 
Products are packed properly and transported by nearby delivery bees straight to you. 

How thoughtful of my concierge shopper to leave a note to the rider: 
"Paki-ingatan po this bag, may eggs.:)"

If you haven't tried it yet, but are interested to know more about it, let me share with you my experience as I tried online shopping with honestbee for the very first time. The convenience it affords busy moms can make this habit-forming.

Download the honestbee app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up for an account now. All first-time users can enjoy Php 500 off with a minimum purchase of Php 2500. Click on THIS LINK to register.

How to place an order?

1. Register for your honestbee account RIGHT HERE to get a P500 reward code.
2. Choose the store you want to shop from.
3. Browse or search for the items you want and click Add to Cart.
4. After you have selected an item, you will be able to select a substitute for it.
5. When you are done selecting items and substitutes, click the cart icon.
6. Review items in your cart and click Check Out.
7. Choose a delivery time slot, enter your delivery address, instructions for our delivery bees (if any) and a mode of payment.
8. If you want to redeem your REward Code, scroll down. You will see the Enter Reward Code field after Payment.
9. Enter the reward code and click Apply or select from rewards available to in your rewards wallet.
If the reward you want to use has a minimum spend, you need to meet it to redeem the reward. Minimum spend is the Subtotal of your order. The concierge fee is not included in the minimum spend.
10. Click Place Order, and you're all set! You will receive a confirmation email shortly to your registered email address.
11. You can go to your profile icon and click Your Orders to ensure that your order has been processed.
12. After your order is delivered, you'll receive your final receipt, adjusted for out of stock items.

The assigned concierge acted as my personal shopper and handpicked all of the items on the list, inspected produce for freshness and checked expiration dates on packaged goods. The concierge texted me to let me know that all of my orders are in stock. Alternately, the concierge will also text when items on the list are not in stock and suggest substitutes. 
The app itself provides options for shoppers. If you want to give additional instructions, 
there's a box provided for that.

The busy bee delivered my order way ahead of schedule. I also appreciate the text updates that were sent my way to let me know the status of my orders.

Just make sure to add your S&R membership card number before you proceed with shopping so you get to enjoy the special benefits for members.

Phenomenal Tips

Avail of Free Delivery. Delivery is free when you reach a store’s minimum spend. For example, when I shopped at S&R, they waived their delivery fee because my order exceeded the P2,500 minimum spend. At most specialty stores you only need to spend ₱500 to get free delivery. Check the progress bar in your cart above the store you are shopping at to find out if you have unlocked free delivery.

Concierge Fee < Gas + Parking + Time on the Road. Concierge Fee is a small price to pay for the expertise of the personalized service given by the concierge shopper. Considering the savings, you have from gas, parking fee and the time you save from shopping yourself, it is a pretty good deal. The concierge shopper is there every step of the way to ensure that our orders are handled by a trained shopper, your items are in good condition with suitable expiration dates, packed properly and delivered within the 1-hour time slot you want. The concierge fee may differ from store to store. It’s easy to find out how much you are paying. Just use the “i” icon next to the concierge fee total before checking out.

Use your P500 Coupon Code. If you registered through the this link, then you will get a P500 Reward Code. Don't forget to use this because it is only applicable for the first purchase, and only valid if used within the first month of activation.

*     *     *

Aside from groceries, honestbee also offers a food delivery service which includes S&R as one of its many partner food merchants. As it is, my husband and kids are already requesting for S&R's New Yourk style pizza, fried chicken and churros! So one of these weekends, for sure we will order online again.

Shoppers have the option to pay via credit card or cash on delivery. I chose to pay via cash on delivery as I don't want to have to monitor refunds/rebates should an item become unavailable. Although, they did mention in their FAQs that credit card is only charged after delivery. If an item is out of stock, receipt is adjusted before deductions.

What I appreciate about honestbee is that online shopping is not limited to one store only, it allows me to shop from various partner stores in just one platform. The busy bees go to the stores to handpick each of my order to ensure the freshest items are delivered to me, just like I picked it out myself.

There are a lot of stores, and these are just some that I have checked out.

If you haven't registered yet, make sure to register through THIS LINK so you can get a reward code for P500 off your first purchase (minimum spend of P2,500 to use the reward code and to qualify for free delivery).

You can download the app on android and iOS. It is also available through the desktop.

To know more about honestbee


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