Thursday, November 20, 2008

Personal Space

I remember my first desk at the young age of 5 or 6. It was a desk with a hutch, with wide open shelves. I remember it to be so big that if I wanted to, I could slip in easily in the desk drawer. My Dad is very particular with having almost all our home furniture made with Narra. Understandably, Narra is the premier local wood of choice for high quality furniture. Not only is its durability time-tested, it is also known for its very beautiful grain and beautiful finish. My old desk has served its purpose well. It taught me how to be organized with my things at a young age. Albeit, it could very well be the root of my pack rat mind-set.

When we moved to Manila, my mother thought it best to sell those lovely desks, my sister’s and mine. As soon as we were settled, she had another one custom built for all of us siblings. Naturally they were made with the same wood, although now smaller in scale, considering the number of desks that were to be accommodated in the study room. Having had to share a room ( and clothes, shoes, books, and most things else for that matter) for the entire duration of my single life, the desk was the one item that I consider truly my own. It was mine exclusively, a stand-out in my eye, especially among the collectively owned possessions at home.

When I got married and moved to a new house with C, I left the old one behind. Imprudently thinking that with 4 rooms and a lot of space to fill up, I wouldn’t be needing it anymore. The empty house quickly filled up with the rapid addition of young ones . With it, drawers, cabinets, shelves and other places of storage instantly became filled up with things, not all of them necessarily needed. Things soon got lost in the clutter that accumulated daily.

And so I now come full circle, back where I came from. Wanting something that’s exclusively mine among the collective possessions at home. And so I began dreaming of having a desk just like the one I had.

I am beside myself with excitement. My new desk has just been delivered, and there’s something about the smell of it that gives me a buzz. I just realized that Narra wood gives off an odor similar to camphor oil. And so for the moment I am in heaven on earth.