Thursday, September 24, 2009

{ I heart mamon }

I grew up in love with the Goldilocks mamon during the entire duration of my childhood. I remember my parents would painstakingly hand-carry bags filled with these delectable, soft pillows of heaven back to Davao everytime they would go on a trip to Manila. My siblings and I considered these goodies luxurious items since these were not readily available in the province during those times.

The spongy cake is bitten into ever so carefully, and if we wanted to indulge our taste buds, we would let it melt in our mouths - savoring the buttery good taste.

It is with this tender memory that I set out to bake a mamon that’s as close to the original as possible.

And so off to the kitchen I went to do my experiment, with quite an armful of recipes. Some hand written, a few torn off from magazines, still a few from the back of the boxes of baking supplies. I carefully noted down the techniques of the different recipes, and finally came up with one that I call my own.

Everyone who tasted them, loved them!

They were soft, buttery, and with the perfect mixture of vanilla and lemon.

I made sure to put a spin to it by adding some grated cheese on top. In Goldilocks parlance, it is the grated cheese that makes it “espesyal”.

fresh off the oven...

brushed with butter...

dipped in sugar...