Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Fashionably Ferosh Fifi Lapin

I wasn’t even aware of how deeply Fifi Lapin has creeped into the fashion world till I got a Fifi Lapin Sweethearts overnight bag as a Christmas gift. The world's most stylish bunny now has a range of Le Sportsac bags fashioned after her likeness. There are three prints to choose from – “Dress Up” presents Fifi in her runway best; “Fifi In The Sky” shows Fifi sleeping against the night sky; and “Sweethearts” displays Fifi and her boy, Sonny Hare, as they go on some romantic dates around the world.

Fifi Lapin is a chic rabbit with an amazing wardrobe straight from the runway created by an illustrator based in the UK. For those of you not acquainted with Ms. Lapin, here’s what it says on her Blogger profile…
Fifi Lapin is an extremely stylish rabbit.

Fifi was born one of 257 brothers and sisters (you know what they say about rabbits) but sadly there was an outbreak of myxamatosis when she was just a year old and she was the only one to survive. Her parents are therefore incredibly protective and spoil her rotten. As an ‘haress’ to her fathers fortune (which he made playing fast and loose with carrot and lettuce shares on the international stock market) she loves nothing better than spending her time shopping, browsing fashion magazines, shopping and attending the opening of an envelope. People may think she's just a socialite but behind that sweet smile lies more than just an extremely stylish clotheshorse.

If you would like to know more about Fifi, go to her blog where you will be able to read all about "the most stylish of all rabbits" and her amazing jet set lifestyle and more importantly check out her gorgeous outfits!
I must admit that I was never one to make bambi eyes with the Japanese-inspired and Italian-designed TokiDoki trend. Anyone scream "kawaii"? Although I love reading her blog from time to time and I confess to occasionally checking out her BFF, Ruby Gatta's design blog, I just find the whole anime look too quirky for my own taste. 

Still, I refuse to let a perfectly functional bag go to waste - creepy and fashionable animal notwithstanding.